Custom Stained Glass - Artistic Designs for Windows and Suncatchers

Custom stained glass is famous and highly-appreciated works of art that are used in various buildings like churches, offices, and most especially at home. What better way to personalize your own home than having stained glass specifically made according to your own individual preferences?

Uniqueness remade

Custom stained glass is known for adding elegance, tranquility and splendor to your home. These are unique decorations that are consequently unique from other homes. There are two types of stained glass that are used commonly: the opaque glass and transparent waterglass. Opaque glass illuminates very nicely and evenly. They also do not allow sunrays to pass through and come within the room. One disadvantage of this is you will not be able to see out of the window with the naked eye. Transparent waterglass, however, is the most popular transparent glass used in the stained glass industry today. Unlike the opaque glass, it gives you a view of the other side the nearer you are to it, but it also provides a fair amount of privacy once you are more than 5 feet away. Waterglass also interacts with the light from the sun and even faint light at night, providing really interesting color hues to the interior.

Uses of stained glass

When designing or decorating your own home, custom stained glass never goes wrong. It is perfect for windows where direct sunlight can shine through to provide certain rooms with the right ambience of different, enticing colors, or even a little bit of privacy. Plus, they are more decorative compared to using blinds or drapes to provide that personal atmosphere. They also add character and instant appeal to your home as they are natural treats to they eyes. In addition to that, authentic stained glass may last for 150 years and are instant heirlooms to the family.

When preferring to go by a theme for decorating your home or office, custom stained glass is perfect as it provides infinite possibilities for whatever design you may want it to be. Common themes are flowers, animals, or scenic panoramas. This gives you greater flexibility to be able to get that desired effect in one room or another.

Custom stained glass is mostly popularly used as a window hanging or suncatchers. They are simply secured to the wall with chains above the window of your choice. Suspend the stained glass art at the desired level in the window for a beautiful look that catches eyes instantly. A further touch of elegance and style can be provided further by using a decorative wood frame for a slight additional cost.

Custom stained glass has a variety of applications in internal structures. The most common use is for windows, as seen in churches and cathedrals. The may also be used for interior or exterior doors, cabinet or furniture inserts, and stained glass domes for residential/commercial markets. Lamps are also quite dazzling when shaded with custom stained glass as they flash different colors in their immediate surroundings and are perfect to alleviate your mood. Room dividers and partitions may also be made of tainted glass.

A unique type of custom stained glass is the iridescent coated glass. On only one side of this glass, a permanent, factory-applied coating is present. The coating is more evident and prominent from some angles than others and is a clever and chic way to give your piece a touch of subtle color.

Where to buy and for how much

Most manufactures of custom stained glass provide beautiful, hand-crafted custom stained glass. They accept stained glass patterns of your design and create grand glass replicas, or you could give them ideas and they can custom design pieces just for you. Moreover, they also offer personal assistance to ensure costumer satisfaction. Be aware of shipping policies and the like. Charges may range from $70 to $100 per square foot of glass. Intricate glass patterns may add to the fee. Furthermore, they usually do not sell patterns for personal projects.

The procedure that most glass cutters and designers use to create custom stained glass is as follows. First, they design the stained glass in computers and let you verify if the pattern is to your liking. Next, they plot out the full pattern once it is approved. The plotted pattern is then cut so that each piece may be used as a stencil, and then placed onto the glass and traced meticulously. Most of the time, the glass is hand cut by skilled glasscutters to ensure perfection. Adhesive backed copperfoil is consequently used to wrap the edge of each piece of cut stained glass. This allows the solder to stick together and creates the channeling that will hold the whole piece together. Each copperfoiled piece is then assembled much like a puzzle onto a delicate replica of the original pattern. Once all of the glass pieces are placed on the duplicate copy, the soldering process begins which will hold the piece altogether. Lastly, the piece is cleaned, waxed and shipped to your doorstep.


Custom stained glass is one of the most elegant and classy ways to enhance the beauty of you home, office, or any infrastructure imaginable. It is perfect for designing and providing instant class.