Getting Custom Umbrellas - You look outside and you see that rain teaming down. You need to get from your office to the car, so out comes that trusty umbrella. Umbrellas are used worldwide as we navigate ourselves through those spring rains, summer storms and beyond, but have you ever thought about personalizing yours? Did you know that you can get custom umbrellas?

Most people don't give their umbrella a second thought, it is just one of those things you need if it is raining and you have to get from point A to B. You may have the rain coat, or rubber boots, but a good strong umbrella is what keeps hair from turning into a dripping mess once you get to the office or wherever it is you are going. It keeps those chilly rains off your face, and keeps that makeup in place. You use an umbrella so that you don't look like a drowned rat by the time you get to work.

Nothing worse than sitting at your desk, trying to dry out your hair, face and top and whatever else got wet while running to the office from the bus stop or your car.

You leave it open to dry somewhere, maybe in the coat room at work, or the hallway, but so does everyone else, and when it comes time to leave, you are left with someone else's broken umbrella! If yours is the basic black that many people tend to get, then it can easily be mistaken.

Personalize Custom Umbrellas - But what if you could personalize yours. What if you could get custom umbrellas? This would make walking in the rain a bit of a fashion statement!. But there are companies now that can take that to the next level and create custom umbrellas, using your own artwork designs or you can get them to design one for you.

If you live in an area of rain, then why not customize your umbrella? You have to use it all the time, it might as well be something cheery or nice. If you like to draw or paint, or even doodle, you can create your own designs and send them to companies such as They will create custom umbrellas from your own design or you can get their art department to come with something for you. I recently saw a custom umbrella with a child's artwork printed on it. I noticed it from behind her while walking down the street in a light rain. It looked really cool.

From a business point of view, this may be a great way to advertise. You often see customized sun umbrellas at games, with the team logo on it, but wouldn't it be cool to have your own business logo on custom umbrellas?

You may think, well who is going to look and read the umbrella while it is walking down the street in a thunder storm. But may people have them hanging over their shoulder more, rather than straight up to deal with blowing rain, and your logo or artwork will definitely be showing.

Plus, when they get to their destination, they are going to need to leave the umbrella open somewhere to dry. There will be your business logo or your very own artwork for everyone to see. Custom umbrellas would make a unique gift as well. Especially for anyone who has to walk to work or school.

So, when coming up with business promotional materials, such as pens and lunch bags, also consider the umbrella. Most people will have one in their car or near their door for those rainy days.

Get custom umbrellas, as a way to show off your own artwork, and as a fashion accessory for yourself, or you can create them to promote your business and brand.

But what if you have a well made antique umbrella that you don't want to let go of. It has taken you through many storms and survived those heavy winds. But now it is worn or has a broken rib here and there, what do you do with it? You can get them repaired. There are umbrella repair shops now, and many are online to guide you.

The Is one such place that fixes all good makes of umbrellas and repairs awnings and those larger umbrellas for the patios. If you purchased your umbrella years ago in England for example (they know their umbrellas) then chances are, it can be repaired. The wooden handled ones are easier to repair.

If you are considering purchasing an umbrella, there are a few points that umbrella experts will tell you to watch out for. The more times it folds, the greater the weakness of the umbrella. Each one of the folds causes a weak point, that could fail in a heavy rain or wind storm.

Yes it may be easier to carry, but may end up in the garbage afterwards because it couldn't hold up to those rains.

So, it may be worthwhile to spend the extra money, and purchase a well made umbrella that can stand up to the heavy rains. It may mean not being able to jam it in your purse or brief case, but will last much longer.

If you love umbrellas, and like the idea of a decent well made umbrella but also custom umbrellas, using your own designs, artwork or business logo, then consider getting one or a line of them printed for you.

Rain hats don't work as well in a rain storm, they will give you hat head, and you still end up wet. The umbrella still works just as well today as it did years ago, so the umbrella is the perfect accessory, so why have a boring one? Make it your own, it won't get picked up by mistake, and it can become a great fashion accessory or a great business promotion. Custom umbrellas are a great place to show off your work. Someone is bound to ask you about your custom umbrella and where you got it, and about the design on it.

So, consider adding custom umbrellas to your coat rack this year, and stay dry and promote yourself.

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