Flash drives, or USB drives, are useful tools for saving data and making it more portable. Having access to custom flash drives has also made these devices into a valuable marketing tool. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can use them to get their company name and logo out there so that they can help grow their business’s brand and improve their profits in a product that many people find both useful and fun. For companies, the custom design gives them a more professional image and puts their name and logo where customers will see it every day.  

A custom USB drive can be made to look like an object that is related to the company’s business so that it also keeps their service or products on the mind of the customers when they are using it. Airlines might have flash drives designed to look like an airplane to give their VIP flyers or a soft drink company might choose a design that looks like one of their most popular canned drinks. Typically, company names and/or logos are included in the designs along with contact information so that the person with the drive always has the information they need whenever they need the company’s product or service again.

Custom USB drives are often sold in bulk so that they cost much less per drive and are easier to fit into the company marketing budget. For companies looking to stretch their budget a little further, USB drives are available with different storage capabilities. Those with 8 or 16 megabytes of space will cost less than those with 32 or 64 gigabytes of space. Most companies have found that this marketing tool is so effective, that they get a higher return on their investment than from traditional methods of marketing including other types of giveaways.

The key to the success of USB drives is that they are so useful and portable that they are seen by many people. Instead of burning information to a DVD, it is easier for computer users to stick the USB drive into their computer and save any data that they need to store or to take with them for presentations or additional work on an ongoing project. They go to work, school, and are used in the home. Along the way, the company name and logo is right there on the drive for everyone to see.

In many cases, a number of designs are already available that will meet the needs of a specific company so that they can get a USB drive that fits their image and has their own company logo and name printed on it to make it their own. For companies that are a little different from the norm, a 100% custom USB  can be created according to their needs. These drives can also be made from plastic, metal or wood in order to result in a realistic replica of the targeted item and they are available in styles with or without caps.