Custom vinyl billboards are a great signage option. They last long, are flexible, and can hold any image and quantity of colors. Vinyl billboards, when cared for properly, will last a long time.

Where to Buy Custom Vinyl Billboards

Buy Outside the City

The one basic rule is to avoid buying signage from locations in dense urban areas. Downtown locations can charge a premium by offering their clients convenient locations and rush services. Compare many different downtown sign makers to those in less busy areas and you will find clear price differences.

Buy Face to Face

If possible, purchase your custom signage in person. This will help to ensure that you and the sign maker are clear on your sign specifications. This will also help the sign maker give you tips on design choices.

Buy Based on Recommendation

Find businesses with the same vinyl billboards you are looking for and simply ask where they got them. Most business owners are eager to share overly positive or negative business experiences with others. If you find a few good personal reviews and see that the signs are adequate, then you have found a good sign maker.

Things to Remember When Buying Custom Vinyl Billboards

Check Return Policies

If the company you choose to produce your billboard makes mistakes or alters your design it is important that you are able to return the sign. If the sign maker doesn’t have a good return policy, it could mean that you are stuck with a billboard that you don’t really want. If possible, ask the provider about his or her return policies in person or at the very least on the phone. Getting verbal confirmation (in addition to written policies) will provide you with another measure of trust.

See Examples

If you have time and you are dealing with a neighborhood business, ask where you can see their signs throughout town. Drive by and check if the signs are still intact. Also, be sure to check the grommets. The grommets are the small metal rings that are found in the corners of many vinyl signs. If the vinyl is poor quality, the grommets may tear through the sign. If you find that many of the signs have been easily worn, choose a different business to make your custom vinyl billboard

Measure Twice

Before placing an order, be sure to check the measurements for where you will place the billboard. If you make an error with measurements, it is unlikely that you can get a refund. Measure the space yourself and then have someone else measure as well to double check. If possible, choose a size that will fit in multiple places, in case you decide to move the sign.

Check with the BBB

I do not typically use the Better Business Bureau but it doesn’t take much time. It is very easy to look up if a company has any discrepancies against them so it is worth it to check out.

Buying a custom vinyl billboard is a great investment, as long as you find the best provider.