When you order a custom wardrobe you're getting a piece of furniture that is tailored to your specific needs that will fit the size of the room perfectly. The bonus is that you get a say in all aspects of the construction and design of the wardrobe which may be somewhat of a downside for some people. We're talking about those who have difficulty coming to a decision on furniture and for these people the best option may be to hire a wardrobe design expert.

One of the options you will face is that of the doors and for the majority of fitted wardrobes the most popular choices are custom wardrobe sliding doors. In other words, doors that meet your personal design style, that are made to your specifications.

When you buy custom wardrobes you are not only buying a piece of furniture that has to blend in with the rest of the room into which it is going but it also has to meet the storage needs it has been designed for. Included in this is the space immediately outside the wardrobe. If there is limited space the only logical door solution is a sliding door with the question remaining whether to use a solid wood door or a glass or mirror door. Naturally this choice is completely up to you as the home owner.

The look of the custom sliding doors you choose are particularly important to the over all design of the wardrobe because this is the part of the wardrobe that the majority of people will see. This is the part that represents your design aesthetic and your taste. You want the doors to form a natural part of the room, standing out as a positive feature rather than as an eyesore.

A bold choice in the doors can be well received but visualizing the final appearance and then having the courage to go with it is a very frightening prospect. Fortunately there are software solutions that can take your design concept and apply them to a model of your room. Using this kind of software helps display you ideas and often you can get an immediate sense of what will work and what won't.

Using sliding wardrobe doors for your custom wardrobe is a sensible space saving option. It leaves you with a large range of options both in materials and color and still gives you the freedom to express yourself stylistically.