The X-Box from Microsoft has gained a huge following in the video gaming industry. The new X-Box 720, the updated and upcoming version of the X-Box, promises to be even more exciting for gamers. The newest gaming system was revealed a bit in leaked documents, and if these documents hold any truth to them, the newest X-Box has the potential to change the face of video gaming as we know it. The X-Box 720 will supposedly include SmartGlass, BluRay, 3D capability, cloud-based gaming, and even an improved Kinect support system. The new system looks like it will improve upon the already popular X-Box 360 and has the possibilities of revolutionizing the gaming world because of its many advanced features.

The documents have not been officially endorsed by Microsoft, but they do supposedly reveal a bit about what the new system will look like. If these documents are truthful, the new system will not look much different than a traditional DVD player, but its potential is through the roof. The gaming world has seen a lot of new advances over the last decade, but the X-Box 720 looks like it will take these to a completely new level.

Gaming systems remain popular, and as technology advances, these systems are moving alongside it. The Nintendo Wii was a big breakthrough by making motion-based gaming widespread and popular, but the Kinect system from Microsoft has made this type of gaming even more accessible by removing the need for a controller and making your body become the controller. If the documents are correct, there will be made available glasses that will augment reality to go alongside the Kinect system. These should available sometime around 2014.

While the X-Box 720 is still a ways off from being released, this hasn’t stopped the excitement from growing. Whether or not this document leak was planned or accidental, it has done no harm to Microsoft. The leak has only given the public a bit more traction for their speculations about this new system and has lead to an increase in the buzz and excitement growing around the new X-Box. Capturing the public’s interest this far out from a release date is difficult, but the X-Box has a very loyal following and the document leak has increased the amount of engine searches for the new system and thus has definitely given Microsoft a good edge in the market when it comes to new systems.

Nintendo too has supposedly been planning an update to the Wii, but the X-Box 720 seems to be a much more highly anticipated release. With so much excitement generated about the new system, other gaming system makers will be hard pressed to try and top sales when their new gaming systems come out. While there are definitely separate camps out there when it comes to system loyalty, the new X-Box still stands as one of the most highly anticipated releases, and this hasn’t even been made completely official yet. The leaked documents, then, have served a very important purpose.