Lumbar Pillow You should be as comfortable in your car as you are in your living room and you can be when you invest in portable lumbar seat cushions.
There are a wide variety of styles,colors,sizes and shapes to choose from.You have a choice on the degree of firmness so you can truly customize the look and feel of your car. You can opt for the kind that comes with straps that secure the pillow to your car seat or you can opt for the model without straps so you can easily remove the pillow when you get out of your car.
Not only injury,but everyday stress, tension,and strain on your back can make long car trips almost impossible for some, but with the comfort and relief lumbar seat cushions provide, long car trips don't have to be a painful experience. In addition, when you arrive where you are going, you'll be able to easily transport your portable lumbar support cushion inside so you can continue getting the benefits from the support it offers.
It is important to realize, though,that the same seat cushion you use in your car will be just as comfortable to use in your office chair or at home on the sofa.Sporting events,like ball games or the car races are some more places where your back could really use some comfort. The bleachers are so hard, and the people are sitting so close that there is no room to move. Gravity is pushing down on your back as you sit for long periods of time. Pretty soon you have a backache from inactivity. This makes you tired and grouchy.
While some people do use the same portable lumbar seat cushion in the car that they use in other places, you may find it easier to leave one in your car and have one for other places that you sit or relax.I always find that in the morning, we are all rushing to get the kids ready for school and make sure that they haven't forgotten anything. Then when I get to the car; the cushion is in the house; and there's no more time to go back and get it.
One of the things you will want to take into consideration when selecting your back pillow is the thickness of the pillow. Some people like the thicker ones and some people need a thinner cushion to be able to drive.
The last consideration should be to have a nice sturdy indoor/outdoor material for long lasting usage of your portable lumbar seat cushion.

debbott is a designer and owns her own Canvas shop in the Florida Keys where these are made. Please