Customized beer glasses can be a very creative gift for the loved ones in your life, or an effective way to advertise your business. As a gift, the personalization that these glasses offer makes it that much more special to the recipient. As a form of advertisement, these glasses are a great way to get your name out there, and to help people remember your brand.

Gifts for Beer Lovers

Finding a gift for the craft beer lover in your lift is not the easiest thing to do for those who don't know much about beer. Unfortunately, unlike Budweiser, Miller, and Coors, who put more money into marketing and merchandising than into producing quality beer, it can be difficult to find products from smaller breweries. The next best thing, if you can't find merchandise or don't what their favorite beer is, is to give a customized beer glass with whatever you would like on it.

You may have heard the speech multiple times, I know I have, about how personalized gifts are much better than just giving cash or thoughtless gifts. That is the beauty of having a beer glass engraved with what you feel the person that you are giving it to would like. Many engravers will put just about anything on a glass, including many popular brewer logos, or you could put a special moment on it, such as an anniversary. Ultimately, your imagination is the limit on what you can put on your glass.

The beer glasses that can be customized aren't just limited to pint glasses either. Whether you would like to purchase a goblet, a pilsner glass, or a tulip glass…etc, many engravers can provide whichever style of glassware that you prefer. If you have a special message that you would like to get across, there's no better way than putting it on something that they will use over and over.

Customized Glasses for Businesses

In the world of huge corporations, small businesses need to do whatever it takes to compete with these giants who have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. Creativity is the key to success, and you can be very creative with personalized glasses. Making glasses with your company logo on it available to customers is a great way to help them remember you.

I was at a beer tasting one time, and somehow I walked away with a pint glass that had the Abita Brewing logo on it. I had forgotten about most of the beers that I had tasted that day (I had too much of a good time, I guess). The one beer that has stuck with me ever since that day has been Abita, solely because I use the glass often. I have since purchased Abita beer on multiple occasions, and I'm not sure if I would have tried it if I didn't recognize the brand. The point of this story is that people often like to go with something that they have heard of, or have seen.

Offering customized glasses doesn't just apply to restaurants and breweries either. Offering a glass with any product or service is a great way to advertise. People love to receive things, especially when the things are free.

Other Uses for Customized Beer Glasses

You can also buy sets of glasses if you don't have anybody in particular that you would like to buy one customized glass for. These are great if you have a party or function, and would like to have a matching set of glasses to complement the theme. It's much classier to have matching glasses, than to have the plastic red cups that have plagued many of my family functions during my youth.

Customized beer glasses aren't just for people that drink beer either. I use pint glasses for just about everything that I drink, from tea to water to milk. Even if the person that you are looking to buy a gift for doesn't drink beer, they would still enjoy a glass that is entirely unique to them. It's similar to a "world's greatest dad" coffee mug, except it's better because glasses are much more versatile than coffee mugs.


All in all, customized beer glasses are the perfect, and fairly inexpensive, gift or advertizing tool for just about any situation. If you give a glass as a gift, then the person receiving it will love the thought and personalization that went into it. For business', these are a great form of continuous advertisement.