sells numerous products for people to purchase from others who customized the items. One of the products they sell to consumers is greeting cards. Zazzle members are able to create Christmas cards from the greeting card template. They can place images on all parts of the fold card - inside and out, front and back - for free. The members are not charged for having a store to sell products to make some money.

There is a nice looking customized Christmas card that was created by a Zazzle member named rspears01. There is only one image on this card, and obviously it is on the front side. The image is a green Christmas tree with a white background. The tree has doesn't really have sharp edges. At the bottom of each level of leaves, they are drawn with wavy lines. In fact, the contour lines everywhere is not heavy. It is noticeable with being traced with black ink, but not too thick. Each of the bottom areas are shaded forming gradients as the top areas is tinted. In fact, the trunk and all twelve ornaments are also designed with gradients. The trunk has vertical gradients with the middle portions being tinted. Every ornament on the tree is colored red with circular gradients. They are tinted on the upper right-hand portion.

There isn't an angel at top of the picture of the Christmas tree; instead, there is a star up there with six points. In the middle area, it is colored light orange as a circular shape. Everywhere else is colored yellow lightly.

There is another customized Christmas card that is worthy of purchasing because of its artwork. The image of the Christmas tree looks very similar to the one I mentioned above. However, the bottom portion of tree is drawn with straight lines.

There are many differences with this card. First, it has white-colored text under three images of three same trees. The text graphics is italicized and it states "Happy Holidays" using a cursive font. The background for each three images is colored white, and card is appropriately colored green. Inside the card there is another image of the same tree. There's also more text inside. They are colored green, and states "Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!" using two lines to fit sentence in.

The size of the greeting cards coming from Zazzle is 5 x 7 inches for portrait and 7 x 5 inches for landscape. Also, they are available to be purchased on Note Card size. The pictures are printed on ultra-heavyweight (120 lb.) card stock with a gloss finish. Each card purchase will come with a white envelope. The great thing about buying Zazzle's greeting cards is that you may just buy one card - no there's no minimum amount to place an order.

Here is the savings breakdown stating the amount shaved offs for buying a certain number of cards.

10 to 19 cards -- $0.50 off
20 to 49 cards -- $1.20 off
50 to 99 cards -- $1.30 off
100 to 499 cards -- $1.40 off
500 to 1999 cards -- $1.60 off
2000+ cards -- $1.70 off

Note: There is no way I'm going to state how much it cost to buy 1 to 9 cards because the price will shock you. I guarantee it.