Until recently hypnosis was regarded as a form of some kind of magical or mysterious powers and its use was restricted to some individuals only. In the past, hypnosis was used to cure diseases and for entertainment at stage shows.
Thanks to the modern research and studies, hypnosis has gained the place it deserves. It has been recognized as an ideal form of treating different kinds of diseases, to correct certain behavioral disorders, to get rid of undesirable habits, and its use by athletes and sportsmen are growing fast.
As more tools of hypnosis are emerging, customized hypnosis has come up as a hypnosis technique to suit individual's specific need. As the misconceptions about hypnosis are being cleared and the general awareness is increasing, more people are now able to benefit from the customized hypnosis.

The basis of customized hypnosis is not different from other hypnosis tools. Once the subject is ready and enters a deep relaxation state, the subconscious mind is approached to implant the targeted suggestions.
One of the obstacles which was keeping lot of us away from hypnosis is the misconception that the hypnotist gains full control of our mind and could make us do whatever he wants.
This is absolutely wrong as, unless the subject, or the patient, is cooperative and willing to accept the suggestions given by the hypnotist, nothing can be achieved at all.
The hypnotist simply takes you to the desired state of hypnosis sleep where your subconscious mind opens fully to accept the targeted suggestions.
When you wake up, the suggestions which remain deep into your subconscious mind, start influencing on your conscious behavior.
Customized hypnosis is especially designed for a patient according to his or her exact needs. Therefore, customized hypnosis that may suit one patient may not apply to other since each case may not have identical requirements and conditions.

Hypnosis could be used by a hypnotherapist or if techniques are learned properly, can be applied as self hypnosis. For those who wish to use hypnosis techniques on their own, customized hypnosis can give good results. Lots of self hypnosis material in form of books, tapes, CDs or on the Internet is available on hypnosis. The available material is targeted to general needs and issues of the users and may not satisfy the specific need of a person.
In the case of customized hypnosis, the program is specifically tailored to meet the exact needs of a subject. All the necessary details of the patient are closely discussed and the customized hypnosis program is tailored accordingly. It would be a wise idea to visit a hypnotherapist and have the customized hypnosis program made specifically to suit your prevailing situation.