Hot Tubs RepairAs an owner of a hottub, spa, or swimming pool, the question of repairs will sooner or later become very apparent. After all, hot tubs are still complex machines with over a hundred different that may malfunction. And the costs involved with hottub repair and maintenance, once the unit is already out of the warranty period will only get more expensive.

Fortunately, as an owner of a hottub, you can be able to control such costs. In fact, here are several suggestions on how you can be able to such unwanted costs:

Odd sounds

If you hear strange sounds or noises from your or hot tubs which you haven’t heard of before, then it most likely indicate that there’s a problem. This isn’t an error that will go away by itself if you don't give it any attention. But this is the opposite, since most notice problems are an initial warning from the hottub, indicating that something worse is about to happen. For instance, if ever you hear some grinding noises from your hottub, it may indicate that the pump or motor have problems. And if you take action and hire a hot tub service expert inspect and repair that little problem will help you save from purchasing a fresh new pump. This will also let you save $500 or more by finding this out early on.


Leaks in your hot tubs always means problem. New hot tubs normally don’t leak, but soon enough these problems may occur. Discovering leaks is just one of the most inexpensive repair tips that you may do for your hottub. Such leaks can be pretty difficult to find most of the time, but if you don’t keep your eye open for these, you’ll wind up having to ask over a repair technician to do it for you and prevent the problem from worsening.

Heaters Electricity and water can be a fatal combination. The heating system in a hottub is immersed in water, and if it malfunctions and electricity makes contact with the water, electrocution could ensue. Therefore, the law requires that all new hot tubs are equipped with GFCI breakers, which is responsible for preventing the electricity from going to the hottub by shutting it off in a matter of milliseconds once the fail-safe system detects the risk of electricity-water contact. 

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Rinsing the filters is usually done once per 2 weeks. In case you use the tub frequently, you might want to use such filter-cleaning method more frequently. This task can be very simple and may be done using your garden hose. Get rid of the specks of dirt by spraying it with water but in case its filter is are dirty and you want to make cleaning easier, you may use the recommended cleansing agents in combination with this technique.

In spite of how clean your filters are, it is critical that you replace it every year. Worn out filters will be detrimental to the pump’s performance because it will put an overwhelming strain on the hot tubs pumps. Aside from this, the used up filters won’t be able to trap contaminants properly, which can make the water in the hot tubs unsafe to use, so make sure to check on it regularly!