Which is the Best Chain Saw Sharpener For My Chainsaw

Make it sharp and cut the wood easier

 So there you are out in the woods or in the garden merrily cutting away with your chainsaw and you notice that you are having to push more to get the saw to cut the wood of the tree properly. The saw is not feeding itself into the cutting action as it does when it is fresh. You will probably notice that there is more sawdust being produced, rather than the bigger wood chips that should be there. So yes it is time to sharpen that chain or at least check it. There are other possibilities to check for such as chain tension. Better to look at everything to make sure the chainsaw works correctly.

 What Sort Of Chain Saw Sharpener Do I Buy

 You can work with a file and sharpen the saw manually, by hand. In the forest with no electric power, that maybe the only choice. It would be preferable to use an electric chain saw sharpener. There are many cutter links on a long chain to be dressed to the right angle and to the perfect size. All of the cutters need to be cut to the same size. Start with the one that is most damaged.

 Getting A Precision Machined Finish On Cutters

 Get a small grinder chainsaw sharpener to have a precision finish on the blades without needing to take the chain off the machine. Other sharpeners require the chain to be removed first. You should visually check the chain before you sharpen it. Do you see any loose or damaged cutters or tie straps, see if the links are bent or burred. You may have to take it to a service professional to get broken parts replaced. Or you will have to just buy a new chain if too much is broken.

 Time To Use The Sharpening Tool On The Chain

When there is damage on the chrome surfaces, cut them back until it is removed. Sharpen cutters on one side first then turn the chain or the whole saw around to sharpen the other side. This is because the cutters alternate the cutting with each cutter, left then right and the left again. See that you have the tool set to cut the correct pitch for the chain, not all are the same.

How To Care For A New Chain For The Chainsaw

Put the chain in a bath of oil first before intstallling or run the chainsaw without cutting for a minute to let the oil get into the bar and the chain. Use correct tension on the chain, let the chain cool before adjusting the tension.. Take it easy to begin with save the hard cutting for when it is warmed up. In the first thirty minutes or so check the chain tension more frequently.

Taking care of the chainsaw sharpening tool

Keep the Orego chain saw sharpener just for sharpening chains, not for general grinding, as that might lead to inconsistencies the next time you are trying to get a good cut on your chain saw. When you buy your sharpener it is a good idea to buy a spare cutting grinder disk to go with it.