When you decide it is time to eat healthy you are taking a giant step in the fight to improve your health and using healthy cake recipes may make that journey easier. You don’t necessarily have to cut out all desserts when you go on a healthy eating splurge because many of the most famous expert cooks such as that household name Martha Stewart have devised healthy cake recipes that are generally easy to make and also taste good too and don’t leave you with the desire for more sweets. Healthy cake recipes also are a way to mitigate your desire for those other foods that you have restricted from you healthier lifestyle.

Use Whole Wheat Flours

This is one way to change a cake recipe into a healthy cake recipe. What it does is substitutes white flours with whole wheat flour which is healthier for you because you have added proteins and more nutrients into the recipe. When you use wheat flours you may have to change the amount of flour you use so the cake comes out moist and very satisfying. When your taste buds are satisfied you are a happy camper too. And your children won’t know what you did to make them eat healthier too.

Fat And Sugar Calorie Substitutes

You can often substitute ingredients with the result that you have reduced your intake of fat, sugars and of course calories. Things like oil can be substituted with applesauce. Fake sugars can replace real sugar with good results. Using all egg whites is a healthy substitute for the whole egg and using all egg whites makes a lighter and fluffier dessert cake. Cake recipes don’t need fat sources to be good tasting and many of the ingredients have excellent substitutes.

Delicious Desserts For Company

If you take cakes to a holiday buffet or party who certainly can take some of the healthier cakes then put some copies of that recipe along side the cake so the tasters can make it home for their families. It will also reassure those with dietary concerns just what is in that delicious tasting healthy cake recipe. If people have heart concerns then the many low fat cake recipes are good for them. These wonderful low fat cakes are also good for those you have weight concerns. Bake one of these before you reach for that ice cream filled bowl or a big piece of traditional cheesecake.

Vegan Choices

Using vegan recipes does not mean the cakes are tasteless. Tofu made from soy and margarine make good substitutes for butter and eggs and they are low fat naturally. They will contain less saturated fats and you will be eating healthier.

Children - Low Calories And Fat

Children crave sweets and unfortunately they are readily available for them to consume especially at holiday or children’s parties. You can create healthier cakes using a cake mix as part of the ingredients as a short cut. But instead of using a cake mix do it from scratch for healthy cake recipes.