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If you're constantly running out of cash shortly after you get paid, then it may be to your advantage that you seriously start to change your spending habits. Frugality is definitely "in". In fact, this is the typical mindset of many people in regards to budgeting and managing personal finances. The current economy has driven numerous families to take action in the struggle to stay afloat financially and make that dollar go further.

Taking that into consideration, you might want to consider selling your unwanted household items or outgrown clothing on the internet, replacing a local garage sale. Why? Well, why not? After all, it is not uncommon, as millions have resorted to such measures with positive results.

To elaborate, the following are some of the ways in which being frugal has helped many (including myself) to make ends meet.

Trade on eBay

Got DVD's and video games? DVD movies and the modern video games that your family has had enough of (and are ready to part with) could easily be sold on eBay. Keep in mind that if you think you'd like to pursue this, note that it would be best if the discs are well taken care of while in your family's possession (so they'll sell for a higher price later).

Presently, video game prices are sky high, retailing for about $60.00 a piece. Now that's a hefty price for just a game. And some are so popular that they can be resold online at about the same original retail price, even after being used. Better yet, the out-of-print (and in demand) titles sell for triple the original price!

So why not take advantage of opportunities like this to get your money back and even profit from these type of sales?!

Now what about shopping? Skip the mall. Instead of shopping at the brick and mortar store down at the mall, look for the same items on eBay and get a better deal. Why pay $50.00 or more for your child's new pair of jeans, when you can shop on eBay and pay a fraction of the cost for the exact same product. You could easily get two brand new pairs for the price of one, even with the shipping cost factored in.

Don't forget, designer clothes can also be traded. Like the higher priced video games, the value of used authentic designer clothing remains fairly high, depending on each individual item's original purchase price, and of course, the condition of the garment.

Steals and Deals on Craigslist

You may "get lucky" and score an amazing deal on Craigslist, the online classifieds. Remember to check out their "Free" column, as there are lots of quality name-brand items being given away for free. Computer monitors, printers, and other electronic stuff are often listed within that section.

(You could even resell some items on good 'ole eBay.)

Join an Online Rebate Site to Get Free Cash Back

Big Crumbs is a legitimate rebate website that is free to join and remains free with no hidden costs. They deposit cash into your PayPal account when you shop online through their portal. Can't go wrong there. Free cash, and also, there's nothing to lose.

Another good thing is that there's an option to make more money when others sign up under you (and do their shopping online as well). In my opinion, this is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money!

Image: Salvatore Vuono