You have to have auto insurance for one reason or another. Either the company you're leasing or buying your auto from requires it, or it's mandatory in the state or province you live in.

But does that mean you have to pay the highest prices for auto insurance? Absolutely not! For that reason we've created this list of ten tips to help you cut the cost of your auto insurance.

1. The Auto You Drive

The car you drive can cut your auto insurance rate--or notThe auto you drive says a lot about you--a sports car or luxury car tells your auto insurance company you like to pay high premiums.

It might be fun to drive, but trading in that sports car for a sensible sedan will help cut your costs. While you're at it, make sure your new car has as many safety and security features on it as possible, to cut your auto insurance cost.

You'll want to make sure your new vehicle is equipped with features such as four-wheel anti-lock brakes, side-impact air bags, daytime running lights, an anti-theft system, ignition kill switch and possibly even a vehicle recovery system. Not only will these features make your car safer and more difficult for auto thieves to steal, but they'll help you cut auto insurance costs.

2. The Way You Drive Your Auto

This is a factor only you can control. If you've been in a number of auto accidents, or you've gotten a ticket (or tickets) for speeding or other moving violations, chances are your auto insurance costs will go up (if they haven't already).

That's why it's important to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. Doing so will not only make you and your family safer, and save you on gas and wear and tear on your car, but it'll also help you cut auto insurance costs.

3. Get Some (Safe Driving) Class

If your driving record is a little spotty (see tip 2, above), see if your auto insurance company will cut your premium costs if you take a safe driving or defensive driving course. Taking such a class will show you're serious about learning how to drive safely.

Even if you have a perfect record, check with your auto insurance company to see if they'll reduce your premiums if you take a safe driving class.

One last thing: if you have teenage drivers in your home, get them to take driver's ed if their school offers it. And encourage them to get good grades. Many auto insurance companies will cut the cost of your premiums for teenagers who get good grades and take driver's education classes at school.

4. Remove Drivers From Your Policy

Speaking of teenage drivers, when those teenagers get older and move out of your home, or start going to a boarding school or college, you might want to take them off your policy. Check your auto insurance policy while you're at it to make sure nobody is on there who shouldn't be on there, like an old roommate, for example.

Doing so will help cut your premium.

5. Increase Your Deductible, Cut Your Cost

Changing your deductibles can be tricky. Your auto financing or leasing company may require a minimum deductible, as may the law where you live and drive. Still, if you can afford to pay a higher deductible in the event of an accident or other claim, and if the law and/or your car financing company allow it, you can cut your auto insurance cost by increasing your deductible.

6. Decrease Your Driving To Cut Auto Insurance Costs

The less you drive, the more you can cut your auto insurance cost. So look for ways to shorten your daily commute to work. Try to tele-commute--work from home--as often as your boss will allow. Become a member of a carpool. Take mass transit when you can. Look for a job within walking distance from your home or move closer to your job. Fewer miles driven on an annual basis can cut your costs.

7. Decrease Your Auto Insurance Coverage--Cut Your Auto Insurance Cost

If you've paid off your car and you own it outright, you might not need to carry full coverage insurance on your car. In fact, you might be able to get by with just the minimum coverage required by law where you live. If so, you might be able to drop unnecessary auto insurance coverage from your policy--and cut your auto insurance cost in the process.

If you own a lot of assets, however--investments, real estate, etc.--check with a financial advisor, attorney or insurance agent first. You have a lot to lose, so you want to make sure you're covered with some form of liability insurance. Just be sure you're not over-insured, either, so you can cut your auto insurance costs and save.

8. Shop Around And Cut Your Auto Insurance Cost

Shop around for the best deal on your car insurance. Check auto insurance web sites as well as "brick-and-mortar" insurance agents in your town.

Check your current auto insurance company. They may offer you a discount for having stayed with them for several years, especially if you haven't made any claims. Check out a new auto insurance company. Some auto insurance companies will give new customers a discount. See which deal works best for you to cut auto insurance costs.

9. Buy Your Auto Insurance Online To Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs

Although you want look everywhere for the best possible deal on car insurance (see tip 8, above), you might want to buy your insurance online regardless. Online-only insurance companies typically have less costs so they can offer auto insurance for less. Even traditional, "real world" auto insurance companies will sometimes charge you less for auto insurance if you buy it through their web sites.

10. Pay Your Auto Insurance Premium In Full

Auto insurance companies offer monthly payments as a convenience to customers, but it usually comes with a fee or interest. Pay your auto insurance premium in full--either six months or a full year--and you could cut your auto insurance costs.

Cut your auto insurance costs by following the 10 Tips To Cut Auto Insurance Cost and save!