The basic essence of the existence and operations of any company is to plough back profits. In that case, if your company can save some money on energy bills, you can essentially use these profits to grow and develop your company. Most companies are in the manufacturing niche where operations consume many power.

Statistics reveal that power bills paid by companies may be higher than necessary thereby diminishing the company’s profits registered each financial period. If you barely register any profits at the end of the accounting period due to the energy bills you pay each month, you should use some of the following tips to start saving on your power bills.

Proper Energy Management Systems

It doesn’t matter if your company is consuming a lot of power on manufacturing; make sure there are proper power management systems in place to monitor how efficiently energy is being used. The results portrayed by these systems should help you schedule proper energy use and also optimize all the power used in your production processes. You should also be able to measure the performance of the power management operation by the savings it generates.

Monitor Energy Consumption of other Appliances and Devices

power consumption in the company is not limited to the manufacturing operation (if there is one). It will be also used in your air filters, coffee makers and fridges. In the case of air filters, you can cut your energy consumption if you clean them out more often. Look for an efficient and effective service company to help you clean out your dusty air filters to guarantee lower power consumption.

Once you have identified the departments in your company that consume a lot of power, make sure energy is properly optimized to the department to avoid huge bills at the end of the month. Invest in energy monitoring systems and find out where your money is going to.

Work out how much each piece of equipment costs to run and find out what power savings could be made by replacing it. Replace machinery which is not power efficient as soon as you can, the up-front costs will soon be paid for by lower energy bills.

Actively CHOOSE Your power Provider

Many energy supply companies make a great deal of profits from companies because they generally tend to consume a lot of energy. Many companies fail to recognise their strong negotiating position and do not attempt to get lower power prices. Most energy companies will negotiate your prices because they need you as a customer and they know there is competition. If you can switch some of your energy-intensive operations to off-peak times you may be able to save a fortune. Get into a supply contract with flexible rates from a good power supplier who will work with you to grow your business.


Note that, any effort in energy consumption for your company can result in a significant increase in your company’s profits. Use these profits to grow your company by introducing new production lines for your long-term growth. Spend the savings on advertising and bring in new customers who will grow your bottom line ten-fold compared to the advertising cost.

None of us can afford to be complacent in our energy use given the ever-rising cost of electricity and gas. We need to consider investment in wind-turbines, photo-voltaic cells and heat pumps to reduce our dependence on bought-in power.

Employees develop wasteful habits such as leaving computers switched on overnight, not turning lights off and running the dishwasher with six coffee mugs in it. You need to get your employees on board with your energy saving plans because you cannot do it all on your own.