I'd like to share something with all of you that has helped me tremendously with my article writing -

So like many here i've been struggling to crank out good quality articles in any significant quantity: for the most part - because it's time consuming and I still work a day job. Everyone says it gets better and faster with time and this is true, but (for me anyway) it's a slow curve and it's still taking me quite a while.

A few years back I was helping out a friend of mine who owns a medical transcription service. She would occasionally get behind and asked me to help her transcribe some stuff. In order to expedite the transcribing, I bought a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

For those that don't know what Dragon-NS is, it's an application that allows you to speak into a computer connected microphone and it will transcribe what you say in real time. So, I would listen to the dr's transcript on a headset with a mic attached and I would repeat into Dragon-NS exactly what the dr was saying and violla! Dr's notes were transcribed. I'd have to take a few minutes to go back and correct some of the mistakes made by the application, but it was TONS faster than trying to listen and type it out the traditional way.

So I was sitting here a few nights back trudging through yet another article when my friend instant messaged me and asked me if I'd transcribe some stuff for her and BAM! I was instantly reminded that I still had Dragon Naturally Speaking installed on my computer! I decided to open it up and finish my article using Dragon-NS instead and cranked it out in minutes!

It worked so well that I decided to do the next two articles I had lined up and I was able to do both articles in less than 30 minutes. I had forgot how simply amazing this program is. It takes my article creation time from nearly 30-45 minutes per article to 15 or less!

Now, for those that may be familair with or have history with Dragon-NS - back in the day (years ago) it quite frankly sucked. You had to spend hours "training" it to understand your voice and work with any margin of accuracy but those days are over. The setup is quick and easy, the training is reading into it 2-3 paragraphs and your done! Out of the box with no other training than the setup it functions at about an 80-90% accuracy rate. Now, that's not that great you may say! But consider this:

The average person speaks an average of 150-160 words per minute. The average typist types an average 40-50 words per minute. Speaking your article instead of writing it (for the average person) would be 300% faster! Even in light of the fact you have to correct (a generous) 20-30% of the documents mistakes - you should still be able to produce articles in the 200% faster neighborhood. As I'm a slow typist this actually worked out to be faster for me as corrections to the text takes very little time.

Now, something else to bear in mind - Dragon-NS is a learning application. It learns the nuances of your voice and picks up on the corrections you make which further increases its accuracy. It'll never transcribe at 100% accuracy, but as stated above it could be as low as 50% accurate and still save you a generous amount of time.

That time could be used to create more documents in the same time you would have otherwise (which equals more potential revenue for you) or if you'd prefer, crank it out in half the time or less. It's a tool that has a definite return of investment, especially if you write any significant amount of articles. Like all things new please expect some learning/training time with the application before you become fully proficient.

So that's it! It's been insanely helpful for me and I hope it will be helpful for you too.