One of the leaders in the cute ideas for Halloween is the baby lion costume. This is a great little costume on its own, but it is often paired up with characters from The Wizard of Oz such as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, or the Tinman. Because of this, it is a good outfit to buy your baby if you have other children and you want them all to match or if you're willing to dress up yourself. Whether your little one is going as the Cowardly Lion or the Queen or King of the Jungle, this baby lion costume is one you'll want lots of photos and videos of. These baby lion costumes range in price from $15-$45 so there is an option for every budget.

Lil Baby Lion Costume

One of the most popular options is the Lil Baby Lion costume. It comes in three sizes. The small is for infants who are six to twelve months old, the medium is for babies who are twelve to eighteen months old, and the large is for children who are eighteen to 2T. At around $45, this is the most expensive costume on the list, but it is also the fanciest.

It consists of a light brown body suit and a tail with a bow. The legs snap close so diaper changing is easy in this outfit. It comes with darker brown booties that have a paw print on the bottom. The best part of this though is the hood. This is light brown and it frames the face nicely. A couple of ears are attached on the top. Surrounding the face is a large and plush mane.

Cuddly Lion Cub Costume

If you are looking to spend less money but still want something cute, consider the Cuddly Lion Cub Costume for babies. It advertises that it fits twelve to eighteen months, but it is said to run a bit small so keep that in mind when ordering. It has a list price of $20, but it can be found cheaper than that.

The costume is a light brown romper and a hood. There is a tail attached to the jumpsuit. The bonnet has ears on top of it and a fuzzy mane all around. One drawback to this costume is that it is thin. If you live in a cooler climate you won't want to be going trick or treating in this. But it is fine to wear indoors.

Fuzzy Lion Infant and Toddler Costume

A good option for any parent who is looking for an outfit that comes in many different sizes is this fuzzy baby lion costume. The sizes are six to twelve months, twelve to twenty-four months, and 3 to 4T. It runs on the small size, so plan ahead for that. It costs about $20, so it is affordable for most families.

It has three pieces. Its main piece is a light brown jumpsuit with an attached tail. The stomach is a lighter, yellow color. The next important piece is the hood which has two ears and a dark brown and fuzzy mane.

Other Ideas

If you are looking for other ideas for Halloween, consider the baby bunny costume, the infant ladybug costume, the baby pea pod costume, or a baby Elvis costume.