Buy cute cheap slipper socks for kids and teens that have great style at discount prices. One of the most recognizable types of comfy footwear is the knitted slipper sock. Some people call them booties, others call them footies. Whatever you like to call them, they sure are handy to have around on a cold day. Sometimes, regular socks just wont do.

Cute Cheap Slipper Socks Make Foot-Pleasing Gifts

Do your kids run around the house barefooted then complain about having cold feet? Perhaps you have a teen girl who loves to snuggle up on the couch and watch t.v. at night. Having something to wear on their feet besides street socks can keep them warmer and save their real socks for school. These cool footies make great gifts for anybody.

Discount Knitted Slippers For Kids In Cute Styles

SlippCute slipper socks for kidser booties for kids are coming in great styles. Some of them are lightweight and slip on just like regular socks, only thicker. Some come with non-slip bottoms or have soles with grippers for safety while walking. Kids enjoy having their very own special footwear to put on while lounging (or hopping) around the house.

Cute Animal Characters Decorate Slippers For Tots

Aren't these Carebear footies adorable? They come with the character imprinted on the instep and have ankle-hugging cuffs for a great fit. Parents love the way these products can be thrown into the wash easily without too much fuss. If you can think of  a popular cartoon character, chances are good that you can find a cute knitted slipper with their logo on it.

Cheap Slipper Socks For Teens With Fashion Pizazz

Does your teen insist on trendy stuff at all times? There are slipper socks that appeal to teenagers being made by some very popular name brand companies like Victorias Secret and othPink thermal slipper socksers. If your teen loves pastel colors and warm feet, fleeced-lined slipper socks like these will probably become her best friend; at least in the winter months.

Knitted Slippers With Soles Are Practical

Knitted slipper socks are made to be worn indoors as footwarmers and protection from cold floors. They aren't made to take the place of regular socks. That makes them very practical. They are easily portable and easy to care for. The best thing about them is how cute and fashionable the choices are theses days. The cute styles shown here are available on