Animal Theme Cupcakes!

What could be better than an adorable little owl or panda cupcake? Close to nothing when it comes to cupcakes! Forget boring cupcakes. These are cute, easy to make, and fun!

Parties? Bake Sales? Children’s Events? No problem!

Panda Cupcakes

What you’ll need: Assuming you’ve already baked the cupcakes, we’ll skip straight to the fun part- decorating! You’ll need to have already baked an equal amount of large cupcakes (either chocolate or white), and small cupcakes (white) to start. You’ll also need white frosting, chocolate frosting and black gel icing if you for the details of your panda bears. Don’t forget the Oreo cookies, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows for the details as well!

(Take note: feel free to do each cupcake individually or all cupcakes at once)

After all the cupcakes are cooled, begin by (1) frosting all the mini cupcakes with white frosting. The small cupcakes are to be used for the heads of your panda bears. (2) Then place a mini marshmallow where the panda’s snout would be (about 2/3 down the middle of the cupcake) and frost over it using the same white frosting. This creates the shape of the panda’s face. (3) Next place a chocolate chip at the tip of the snout and two above it for the eyes. You can also place a dot of white frosting on each eye for pupils, or you could use white frosting as the white of the eye and use a dot of black gel icing for more realistic pupils. (4) Finally, cut an Oreo cookie in half (and in half again if necessary) and place them on your panda’s head. These are the ears. You also could use chocolate Cheerios, chocolate chips, or half peanut butter cups for the ears.

For the panda’s body, start by (5) frosting the large cupcakes with chocolate frosting. These will be the pandas’ bodies. (6) Then take one Oreo for each bear and scrape out the white filling. Place the black cookies into a zip-lock bag and crush them using a rolling pin. (7) Next either dip each chocolate frosted cupcake into the crushed Oreo crumbs or use your fingers to pinch some Oreo crumbs and sprinkle over each chocolate frosted cupcake. Panda’s are nearly complete! (8) Attach the head of the panda to the body with a toothpick. Make sure the head is centered on the body. All that is left are the arms and legs of your pandas! (9) Take two Oreo cookies for each panda and cut them all in half. Using a dab of chocolate frosting, attach one half Oreo on the left side (left arm), and one on the right (right arm). You can give them white frosting claws by drawing 3 lines on the ends of each half cookie. (10) You can just place the other 2 Oreo halves at the base of the cupcake, but feel free to use a dab of frosting to keep them in place. AND YOU ARE DONE!


Owl Cupcakes

What you’ll need: Again, assuming the cupcakes have already been baked, let’s get to decorating! And although these are not as complicated as the Panda bear cupcakes, these are still cute treats that could wow a crowd. You’ll need any size cupcakes, Oreo cookies (regular and or mini depending on the size of your cupcakes), chocolate frosting, Runts banana candies and your choice of Reese’s pieces, M&M’s or Junior Mints candies.

Start by (1) frosting the cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (2) Then take an Oreo and separate the cookies leaving all the white filling on one and the other blank. Place the two Oreo halves (cream side up) 2/3rds of the way up the cupcake (or a little above center). These are the eyes. Use a dab of vanilla frosting to attach Junior Mints (or another choice of candy) for the pupils on top of the white cream of the Oreo. (3) Taking the blank side of the cookie, cut it in half and place them on the cupcake above the eyes at a 45 degree angle so the cookies resemble a V format, but be sure they are not touching. There should still be space in between the cookie halves. (4) Put any extra chocolate frosting into a zip-lock bag and cut a hole in the corner small enough (about 1/8th in) to then frost streaks across and over the blank Oreo halves. Make sure the frosting falls leaving points on the ears. You may also do this on the cheeks of the owl face cupcake. (5) Finally add a Runts banana for the beak. You could also use yellow icing for this, or a yellow Reese’s pieces sideways pressed into the frosting. Voila!

These are but two of hundreds of cupcake decorating ideas. Be creative! Come up with your own recipes! And remember to give your animal cupcakes character by positioning arms in a different way, using different candy accents, and positioning their pupils to create funny expressions! It can be a great family activity to make these and a hot seller at the bake sale!