Our pets are part of the family there is no doubting that, and so when it comes to some outdoor living, whether on a permanent basis or just for an “airing” while the family is outdoors enjoying the sun and a barbeque, your pooch can have his own space to go to.

Many homeowners will spend a small fortune on investing in landscaping, and lush lawns and decks and even outdoor kitchens for their homes.  It is nice to have an oasis that you can enjoy, and so why not your furry friends too?

As I walked through my neighbourhood the other evening I was amazed at some of the cool dog houses you can get.  At one time, you simply took your left over wood from some other project and banged together a shelter and threw a roof on it and that was Fido’s home in the back corner of the yard where the grass is scrubby.  But with all the investments being put into the outdoor look of a home and the curb appeal, the beat up doggy home is going upscale!cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com

One real estate agent I know told me that it is considered a selling feature if the outdoor doggy home is cute and compliments the house, and some buyers will ask for it to stay in their offer.

There was a time when you had to basically purchase a plan which was quite plain, find the materials and build one, well now you can purchase them in kits.  Some have porches and others even balconies, it all depends on the size of your dog.  If you have a dog that loves being outside with you, but would also like his own space, then don’t put this cottage style house at the far reaches of the yard, have it close by so he can be a part of the outdoor family life and it looks good.

Below are Five examples of upscale, uptown, cool and cute dog houses to give you some ideas.  If you have spent time and money on your home’s exterior and curb appeal, then maybe it is time to spend some on his.  These are cute enough to be front and center in your yard.

cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com
Petsfit 33.7 X 22.6 X 22.9 Inches Dog Houses, Dog House Outdoor
Amazon Price: $89.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 26, 2015)

Cedar Log Home

This one is cute as a button and is built to be off the ground to keep your pet dry, It would work for the smaller pooch and if you place it near where you hang out he can be a part of the festivities. 

cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com
Dog House With Stairs - Staircase - Balcony - Porch - Wood - Wooden
Amazon Price: $165.59 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 26, 2015)

Doggy Balcony

If you poochie loves to keep an eye out for anything going on, then he can be hanging out in the house below and they quickly run up the stairs to be on century duty.  This is another perfect home for the smaller dog.  These come in kits and can be assembled quickly.  This is chic enough to be near your back deck and a place for him to go if it gets a bit too busy with people.  Add some toys and this makes a great home and your kids will likely play in it too.

cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com
Victorian Cottage Kennel Dog House
Amazon Price: $2,460.51 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 26, 2015)

Upscale Cottage Style

This is the perfect home if you want his house to look like a real house.  This is quite large at 8 x 10, so could be used for any size of dog or dogs.  It is cute enough to simply look like a cottage.  This one is more of an investment, but this is the type I saw in the yards of some very nice houses on my walk.  This is a way to have a kennel without looking like one.  This could pass off as a garden shed or a child’s play house it is that cool looking.  So if you are going for the “cute” factor then this one would work.  You can order this online, have it delivered and put together this weekend.

cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com
Boomer & George Barn Dog House
Amazon Price: $499.98 $239.98 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 26, 2015)

Raised Rustic Barn Dog House

You can match these little houses to your type of home.  If you have a rustic log house or farm then this would match perfectly.  It is built off the ground to stay dryer and warmer and has a covered porch so that the weather doesn’t get inside the living area.  That was always a problem with the traditional style kennels.  Having the covered porch really helps and this looks good.  The dog looks quite content and also gets some shade. 

cute dog housesCredit: amazon.com

Simple Dual Door Good Looking Kennel

If you have a couple of large dogs, and you want a simple style, then this would fit the bill.  Since there is not the covered porch to keep the weather out, it comes with doggy doors that once your pet gets used to using them will enjoy the space.

Uptown Pretty or Downtown Rustic

There are so many choices now for your pet to enjoy the outdoors.  You could add a cute fence to give him his own area or if your yard is fenced then he can have his house near yours and have free reign in the yard.  It all depends on your pet’s personality.  I like having a fenced area for my dog especially when it comes time to pick up the “business” rather than her doing it in my flower beds. 

But if your doggy is not like that, then he won’t need his own court yard, but these dog houses have come a long way.  As homeowners upgrade and renovate to make their house look awesome, that made the old garden shed look dowdy and it was next on the chopping block and rebuilt to look as cute as the house.  So it was only a matter of time before Fido’s home needed an upgrade. 

If you are in the market, there are lots of cute dog houses to purchase especially online, but if you are handy, you can also get many of these as “building plans” and create your own, there are even books on the subject with plans. 

Maybe this year, you should include a cute and chic dog house as part of your landscaping projects and investment for your fury friend.