Are you looking for cute Droid X phone cases or covers that come in a great variety of styles and price ranges?  Buying a protective case or cover for your Motorola Android can be a great way to show off your personal fashion taste at the same time you protect your precious phone from damage. Although I am no high-tech gadgetry wizard, I know a cute fashion accessory when I see one! I decided to search around online for some cute, trendy cases and covers that are affordable for most budgets.

Cute Bling Cases For The Droid X Cellphone

When I say Silver Rhinestone Bow Case For Droid XCredit: cases for Droids, I am under the impression that you are a girl and not a guy. That is why  the choices I have featured here are girly phone covers. Of course, one of the most girl-pleasing styles of cell phone case designs are those with plenty of sparkle in the way of bling.

Since is a great shopping network for comparing styles and prices, that is where I found the Android X cases and covers shown on this page.

* The Friendly Swede (TM) Pink Ribbon / Bow Tie Silver Rhinestones 3D Bling Case for Motorola Droid X MB810. Available on

Cheap Cute Droid X Covers Anybody Can Afford

Even if youColorful-Leopard-Phone-Protector-MOTOROLACredit: are a teen on a very strict budget, you can still find cute, cheap covers for your Droid X online. I love the cover here; talk about cute! The best part about  this cover ( other than the fun  spot pattern ) is the price which is probably less than the cost of a loaf of bread these days. Okay, it isn't a fancy case, but it serves the purpose of being protective and fashionable at the same time.

* Colorful Leopard Phone Protector Cover for MOTOROLA MB810 (Droid X). Find it on

Cute Droid X Phone Cases-Nothing Says Cute Like Bling !

There areTalon Full Diamond Bling Phone Shell for Motorola MB810 DROID X - Rainbow ZebraCredit: probably millions of Droid X cases and covers for sale online; including those on Amazon. If you are like me, you may browse for hours until something catches your  eye. Suddenly, something sparkling and fabulous pops up in front of you like the amazing phone case here.

Perhaps you are a bling lover like me and find this case is so pretty it  is a must-have item that you must have right now. This  Android X bling case is perfect for girls who love glamour and style when it comes to their high-tech accessories.

*Talon Full Diamond Bling Phone Shell for Motorola MB810 DROID X - Rainbow Zebra