Cute flats for juniors have the best of both worlds in that they are both practical and good-looking. Kids and teens flat sole shoes are suitable to many different outfits and they are a great choice for any child from toddler to teen. In this article we explain why you should be considering buying this comfortable style of shoe for your kids and we also take a look at how you can get a good deal on high quality pairs.

Are Flat Shoes Good For Children's Feet?

It's important to know about any potential benefits and issues when it comes to footwear for anyone. This is especially true as juniors are in crucial growth stages and poor footwear can cause growth and joint issues. When it comes to flats and similar open shoes with simple soles they have a few benefits and drawbacks.


Breathability is very important, especially in the hotter seasons. Sweat and lack of air to the feet can cause discomfort and even rashes. This type of shoe allows the feet to get plenty of fresh air. They are also very easy to take off to allow kids to dip their feet in water to wash off after a day of playing. Being cooped up in sneakers and socks for a long hot day can be very frustrating for young children.


The simplicity of these types of soles is good for short-term use but they do not provide the support and protection of enclosed footwear. Of special importance is the lack of protection while walking in unfamiliar places. Flats provide a bit less protection from sharp objects like glass and even syringes, which presents a potential nightmare. If you are taking your kids somewhere where you are not sure if the ground is safe then you should leave the flats at home and take sneakers instead. Flats also provide poor ankle support, so they are not well suited to particularly rugged ground or rocky terrain. However, for a day at the park or for a beach picnic they are a fantastic choice.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Flat-Sole Shoes for Kids

Retail Stores for Fast and Easy Kids Footwear - If you need decently priced shoes in a hurry then your best option is, of course to buy through retail. The best stores to do this are Payless, Wal-Mart and Target. Some specialty shoe stores can also have good deals but this can depend entirely on whether they are having sales or not since they are generally not very cheap. It may be tempting to go with conventional knowledge and to buy the highest quality shoes possible so that they will last. However, you have to remember that kids grow very quickly and there is not much point in buying shoes that are made to last if they are simply going to be outgrown in six months. If you can afford to buy more comfortable shoes then you should definitely do so, but don't spend up just to get shoes that will last.

Buying Used Shoes

Children grow out of shoes quicker than they do any other type of clothing. All the way up to the later teenage years it is not unusual for juniors to need a new size of shoes every six to twelve months. This means that, unlike adults, they don't often wear shoes out. As such, it is a pretty good idea to buy and sell some pairs of used children's footwear when they are kept in pretty good condition. Flats can be a bit of a mixture when it comes to buying and selling used. Zero to three years of age is very easy to find because there is not much wear and tear in this type of shoe at these ages. However, toddlers and young children can cause a lot of damage to flat-sole shoes making them a bad choice for used resale. When it comes to used sales one great benefit of this type of shoe is that they get plenty of air, and this is important for making sure that they are not full of bacteria. Overall, it's important to simply use your judgment when buying used shoes. Stick to ones that look like they are in good condition and you will get a good deal more often that not.

Kids Flats on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy cheap branded children's shoes at fairly reasonable prices. If you are already a frequent Amazon shopper and an Amazon Prime member than this is very likely to be your best choice for children's shoes. Remember to always read the customer reviews at the bottom of each listing. These are written by other parents who actually have experience with that exact product and, as such, they are the most reliable tool you have available to you. If a particular listing doesn't have a review written for it yet (this is common with new product lines) then you can check the seller or manufacturers for other product listings that do have reviews. You may not find information on the specific product, but you will be able to get a good idea of what the quality will be like.

Used and Wholesale Footwear on eBay

eBay is an amazing place to buy both new and used children's shoes. This is because the site makes it very easy for both large manufacturers and individual people to sell their shoes. eBay is the best choice if you are looking to buy cheap, non-branded, wholesale shoes that don't need to last a long time. You can even buy multiple pairs of shoes in ascending sizes so that you are prepared for the next few years of footwear needs. This also allows you to save money in the long-term through combined shipping savings.

What to Do with the Shoes Your Children Outgrow?

As mentioned earlier, there is a very good market for used shoes and a lot of struggling parents need cheap shoes for their children. If you have a few pairs of cute flats for juniors that you no longer need then you can either sell them on Amazon/eBay or you can donate them to a local thrift store or charity. You can be confident in the fact that they will go to a good home since they are always in such high demand.