These cookies are very easy to assemble and require no bake time. They are perfect for cooks with little experience. They look like cute little hamburgers and can be made by combining vanilla wafers and mint patty cookies. Try them. Your family will love them. They are great for parties and holiday get- togethers. Wow your guests will your clever idea.

Things You Will Need

1 box vanilla wafer cookies, 1 package round mint patty cookies, 1 jar store- bought vanilla frosting, 1 bag sweetened shredded coconut, assorted food colors, plastic wrap, and a large zip lock bag

Step 1

Divide the frosting in half and place each half in its own bowl. Stir in 4 drops red food coloring to one bowl. This will be the "ketchup." Stir 4 drops yellow food color and 2 drops red food color to the other bowl. This will be the "cheese." In the large zip lock bag, combine the sweetened shredded coconut with 2 teaspoons water and 6 drops green food coloring. Shake well. The green coconut will represent the lettuce.

Step 2

Remove the vanilla wafers and mint patty cookies from their packages. You will need 2 vanilla wafers and 1 mint patty to make each "hamburger." Take 2 vanilla wafers and spread one with the red "ketchup" and the other with the orange "cheese." Stick a mint patty cookie to the vanilla wafer with the orange "cheese." Sprinkle a little of the green "lettuce" on top of the mint patty. Top with the other vanilla wafer with the red "ketchup"

Step 3

Repeat step 2 and make more little hamburger cookies until you have run out one of the ingredients. Don't forget to clean up after you are finished. You can choose to wrap each hamburger cookie individually with the plastic wrap. You can also pile them up neatly in a tupperware container to keep them fresh. Or display the cookies on a platter at a party.


Tips & Warnings

There is really no way you could mess up this recipe. It is open for interpretation. There are no hazards involved in making these cookies. If desired, you could add poppy seeds or sesame seeds to the "buns" or vanilla wafers. Brush the wafers with a small amount of water so the seeds will adhere.