Fun for Kids

Helmet covers for kids are a great and fun way to get kids to wear the protective equipment when biking, skiing, snowboarding and more.  If they can personalize their helmet, then they are more likely to wear it.  Just like  regular hats that are fun and personalized for your kid’s heads in the winter, there are fun hats for the bike helmets!

Now you can get bike helmet covers for kids in all kinds of cute designs.  This is a great way to be able to pick out your kids from a group of bike riders, unless of course, they all have the same design.

These covers snuggly fit right over the helmet.  They will fit over most protective helmets for any sport, and are a fun.  They are washable, and there are so many to choose from now.

Getting younger kids to wear protective gear is not always easy.  They sometimes will leave the house with the helmet on, at your urging of course, and then somewhere along the way, it ends up coming off.

But what if they were allowed to personalize the helmet?  You can let them do that with permanent markers and create their own design, or you can simple get these really cute helmet covers that slip on, and away they go.  You can get different ones, so they can pick and choose which one to wear for that day.

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Multisport Helmet Cover - Jester
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(price as of Jan 20, 2017)

Add Some Fun!

Add some fun to safety equipment.  Not only does this get kids to wear helmets but you can also pick them out of a crowd!

Biking has become a very popular past time, with kids and adults.  It is a great way to get everyone outside and away from all the electronics that keep us all so sedentary.  But sometimes getting kids outside is not always easy, when the latest video game needs to be played.  Well try and make it fun.

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CrazeeHeads ZeeZee the Panda Helmet Cover
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(price as of Jan 20, 2017)

This Panda Bear Cover is soft and cute!

Go as a family to the park or trails.  Many towns even have bike lanes to accommodate the more and more bike traffic that is showing up.  Many parks also have bike trails, as well as rail trails, which is where old railway lines used to be, they make great trails, especially if you are not really into rough trail riding. 

With the whole family heading out on bikes, you will all need to wear helmets, so why not personalize them all.  You can also get adult helmet covers as well. 

Just head to your local bicycle repair or bicycle accessory shop and see what they have to offer for good quality helmets.  Get a simple and plain one, and then see if they have any cute helmet covers, if not, you can also get them online.  They are affordable and may just keep the helmets on your kid’s heads.

You can check online at such sites as Amazon to compare prices and to see more bike helmet cover ideas.  There are cartoon characters and more. 

If you are crafty, you can also search out sewing patterns and knitting patterns,  that would work for your kid’s helmets.  Otherwise just check out the ones online or in the stores, take your kids, and see if they can find something they like.

Think of it as a “hat” for the bike helmet!  Plus there is the added benefit, of being able to spot them in a crowd of kids.