Cute Monster Costume For Girls
Credit: Corrinna Johnson

This cute monster costume for girls is anything but scary! 

My twelve year old daughter had her heart and soul set on being a cute and furry monster for Halloween last year. Of course, being from a small community in the middle of nowhere, there were no monster costumes to be found.  It is at times like these that I really love Amazon! They had not one, but over half a dozen monster costumes for girls to choose from.

This is the outfit she picked! Isn't it cute?

Monster Halloween Costume
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We settled on this costume for a number of reasons.

  • Of all the costumes available in her size, this was the one I thought was most appropriate for a 12-year-old girl.  Some of the other costumes were a bit too sexy and mature for her age, but I was a-okay with this one, knowing she would be wearing pants underneath.
  • The price was right! The costume and leg warmers cost me a total of $40 with free shipping included.
  • It was exactly what my daughter wanted and I was more than happy with her choice.  Easy peasy and no arguments!

My daughter received tons of compliments at school and while out trick-or-treating, but nearly everyone had to ask what she was.  I guess not too many people have come across a cute and friendly monster before.  Although the costume does not really look much like a monster, it is still super freaking adorable!

The costume dress is available in three sizes; small, medium and large.  Just make sure to use the sizing chart included on the product page to ensure you get the proper fit.

Add Some Accessories To The Monster Costume 

The costume comes with a dress and head piece. The leg warmers, wig and gloves are sold separately.  

I definitely think it is worth it to buy the leg warmers because they lend the costume its sweet charm.  They are just so cute and girly!  We ordered the pink ones to match the dress, but they are available in other colours too. My daughter kept the leg warmers in her drawer and sometimes likes to wear them with a pair of jeans when she goes ice skating. Tres cute!

Leg Avenue Women's Furry Leg Warmers
Amazon Price: $38.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

We decided against purchasing the wig because my daughter had some temporary blue dye she wanted to streak her hair with instead. The head piece was fairly large and covered most of her hair, so I am not sure how much of the wig would have been visible anyway. If you are planning on wearing the costume on more than one occasion, it might be worth the investment to purchase the wig.  

Leg Avenue Neon Star Long Wavy Wig
Amazon Price: $21.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

I did not find the these adorable furry gloves until after I placed out order. So disappointing.  They match the leg warmers and are the perfect finishing touch to the costume. If I had seen them sooner, I definitely would have bought them.  If it is cold in October where you live, this is a great way to get your child to wear gloves while out trick-or-treating with no arguments.

Adult Hot Pink Furry Hand Covers
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Mar 1, 2016)

We bought the costume in a large size for 15-16 year olds because my daughter is quite tall for her age at 5 feet 4 inches and err, well, fairly developed. I found the sizing chart to be accurate. When I measured my daughter, I knew we would be taking a gamble on whether it would actually fit her. According to my measurements, it was going to be a tight squeeze, but she really wanted it, so I took the chance. The costume fit perfectly except it was a little snug in the chest, but that was to be expected.

Instead of wearing tights under the dress, she felt more comfortable wearing a pair of black cotton pants.  It is usually very cold on Halloween where I live, sometimes snowing, usually raining, but this year it was dry and mild.  She got away with just wearing a hoodie out trick-or-treating, although she had to wear it over her costume.

From past experience, most Halloween costumes I have bought my kids have come home torn or ripping at the seam, but this costume held up really well. My daughter wore her costume for a total of three times during the week of Halloween and it is still in great shape.  We got our money's worth from the costume and she is able to pass it along to one of her friends to wear this year.

Overall, my daughter and I were very happy with this costume and we would recommend it for tween/teen girls who want to look cute and a little sassy for Halloween!

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