One of the joys of being a new parent is in finding cute newborn baby boy clothes to dress your new addition in. Newborn baby boy outfits can be a great way to build lasting memories of your baby boy from a very early age and can also be a great way to show off your new pride and joy to your friends and family throughout the first few months. As we all know when a newborn baby is introduced into the world friends and family love to come visit and dressing your baby up in flattering outfits, shoes, hats, and other garments can be a lot of fun for you during this period in his life.

Types of Newborn Baby Boy Outfits

Newborn Baby Boy Pant SetBefore you go and run off to the store to go shopping you should learn a little bit about what types of newborn baby boy outfits you can get and why certain outfits may be better than others depending on the situation. First of all there are going to be two completely different kinds of outfits divided by function. There are baby outfits which are designed squarely on function over form and other outfits design squarely on form over function. Many parents fail to make this distinction and others make it but don't realize the correct proportions these types of baby clothes should occupy in a baby's wardrobe.

When building a wardrobe for your baby you are going to want a large stock of simple and functional baby clothes and a small stock of funny baby clothes or unique baby clothes which are meant only to make your baby boy look good. Let's face it. How many times are you going to dress your baby up in that baby boy suit jacket and slacks? Cheap unisex baby clothes like baby onesies tend to be the most useful and popular type of clothing and are fitting for boys and for baby girl clothes. You will want to make sure these clothes make the bulk of your baby's wardrobe because they are cheap and functional and you baby will grow out of your fancy clothes too fast for them to get much use.

Newborn Baby Boy Hats

Newborn Baby Boy Beanie HatOne other area or baby clothing that you should get no matter what is a good selection of hats for your baby boy. Baby's as most people know are almost always bald or close to it and their skin is very sensitive. Baby hats are useful in that they protect the skin from the sun and help the baby retain body heat. The top of the head is one of the areas of the body that bleeds lots of body heat and keeping your baby warm is very important especially if you are living in cold weather conditions.

There are many different styles of baby boy hats to choose from. Unlike the rest of a baby's wardrobe that hat can be very decorative or fashionable while still remaining functional so you should have a ball looking around for the best baby hats you can find. Make sure to look for beanies which are easier to care for and deal with but feel free to look for more specialized hats like baby baseball caps which will always be a stylish hit.

Newborn Baby Boy Shoes

Just as hats can be a functional addition to any outfit so to can cute baby shoes. In a traditional sense shoes are meant to be a protective piece of clothing for people who walk around on all fours and as well all know babies don't walk around. They don't even crawl around on their hands and knees for months and as a result baby shoes primary function is a little different that most shoes. For babies the shoes should be more of a means to keep the baby's feet warm jut as baby hats help a baby retain heat from that part of the body.

Once you understand the main purpose in infant baby boy shoes you can then take this knowledge and look for stylish baby shoes which meet the primary purpose specifically. Baby boy sneakers or high-tops are always a hit especially if the baby is part of an athletic family just as other types of baby boy shoes are popular with families interested in other things. Baby boy dress shoes and baby boy booties are other popular types of shoes that many parents should consider getting but above all the shoes should serve their main purpose first.

Cute Baby Boy Clothing

Funny Baby Clothes For BoysEven though functional clothing should make up the backbone of any baby boy's wardrobe you still have to spend some time and money on buying at least some purely cute baby boy clothing. Special events will always warrant the welcomed inclusion of casual funny baby onesies or formal baby suit and pant combos but you simply have to keep the proportion in check. New parents often forget or fail to realize that fashionable clothing for their babies will not get worn very often due to the schedules a parent has to keep for their baby.

Similarly new parents often do not fully anticipate the speed with which their babies will grow out of their clothes and if they get to crazy with buying cute baby outfits they will end up with many outfits that never get worn and others that only get a few wears over the few months with which they fit. As a parent planning for events and functions where dressing your baby boy in cut baby outfits you should always keep in mind the amount of time an outfit will be wearable and maintain only a small amount of fancy outfits for that age range.

Where To Buy Cheap Newborn Baby Clothes

Some of the best places to buy cheap newborn baby clothes is the second hand shops. This is especially true for designer or trendy baby boy clothing designed for form over function. As babies grow so fast and these types of clothes get worn less frequently that others… and because designer infant clothing tend to be most expensive when purchased brand new the best way to keep your costs down is to buy used in local thrift stores, clothing exchanges, and online on sites like Craigslist or eBay.

For new items stick to basics and functional clothing which is often appropriate for both baby boys and girls. You can pickup the cheapest clothes at the same thrift stores and online retailers or you can focus on new items at any one of the many traditional or online mega retailers which specialize in discount apparel. Newborn baby boy clothes need not be expensive to serve their purpose then just need to do the job they are intended for.