Looking for cute pens? Then you’ve come to the right place! I love cute things, and the pen is one of the most important tools in my arsenal, especially since I’m a student. Nearly every new product that is released these days come in cute options, laptops, tablets, cellphones and so on and so on, everything! So why not pens?

These pens also make great gifts for people who love cute things, more specifically your female friends and / or daughter, nephews and siblings. I got my nephew the Monkey and Bunny Charm Strap Pen and she absolutely loves it!

When I say cute I don’t only mean pens that are pink with animals on them (even though they are the cutest). I am also referring to fluffy pens, crystal pens, and preferably pens with hearts on them! Unfortunately the market for very cute pens doesn’t seem too popular, which is truly a shame. But anyways, I did find some cute pens out there that I believe are worth sharing… So here they come, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy them as much as I do. 

Bear Family Pen Set

Black Bear Pen, 3-pc Set (Carved of Natural Wood)
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(price as of Apr 19, 2016)
A family of bears pen set! Now this is truly among the cutest pens I've ever seen, a whole family of cuddly furry little friend in one 3 piece set, if that isn't cute I don't know what is. What makes these pens even better is that mama bear, papa bear and baby bear is carved out of 100% real wood. All bears are in different sizes, so it truly looks like a bear family. The carving job is actually really well done and the pens look very detailed. Additionally, this cute pen set would most certainly make the perfect gift for people who loves bears.

Monkey and Bunny Pen Charm Strap

[Animal Pen-1] - Cell Phone Charm Strap / Camera Charm Strap / Handbags Charms
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(price as of Apr 19, 2016)
This pair of animal pens looks absolutely adorable as you can probably tell by the picture.These pens come with straps so you can basically put them anywhere a strap holder is available. A good example of this would be: your handbag, cellphone, key holder or even your camera. These cute animals are made with great detail and are mostly made out of samak. If one thing is for certain it is the fact that there has never been a cuter way to decorate your belongings with a simple pen. So if you're looking for a cute pen that also allows you to "cutify" your belongings, you've found it!

Sparkling Love Wedding Pen

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Pen Set, Sparkling Love Pen
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(price as of Apr 19, 2016)
This pen is perhaps less cute for some individuals, but consider this; it has hearths and it has diamonds on it! While it might not be perceived as cute to everyone, I personally love it when it looks tidy. tidy is cute too in a way. If you haven't checked out the price already I'll tell you right of the bat - it's not real diamonds. You probably guessed it yourself, but just to be sure. At that price, it would be a total steal if the diamonds were real. The brushed silver pen base looks absolutely beautiful and features two stylish hearts. This cute pen was designed for wedding purposes, so it would make the perfect gift for someone who's planning a wedding. As the name suggests - The pen was designed by Hortense B. Hewitt, one of the worlds leading wedding supplies manufacturer. In short it, it looks absolutely stunning, and I'm definitely getting it for myself - even though I have no plans on getting married at the moment! Oh and the pen writes in black ink.

Hello Kitty Pen

Fountain statue 'Hello Kitty' pink.
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(price as of Apr 19, 2016)
It seems that no collection is complete these days without hello kitty - the pink little cat from japan who took the whole world by storm with her extreme cuteness and innocence. You'll find this cat everywhere these days, and pens are no exceptions. It's a quite expensive pen, but not too much so, it shouldn't really bother you if you're a hello kitty fan. I'm personally no hello kitty fan and quite honestly I never saw the show. But I'll admit it, she's extremely cute, enough so for me to consider actually getting this cute pen for my youngest nephew.

Disney Hannah Montana Pen with Fluffy Topper

Cute PensOkay so we all know that Hannah Montana is becoming a bit outdated. But I still think this particular pen deserves to be listed on this cute pen list. Why? Well it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? It has a fluffy topper! Fluffy is obviously enough of a reason to list this pen.  And even if you might not appreciate it, kids most certainly will. So if you’re looking for a pen to give as a gift to a kid, this fluffy Hannah Montana pen is not a bad choice. One might be a little skeptical whether this pen will be good for writing, you don’t have to worry, it writes just fine.