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Having a successful relationship and keeping the love fire burning requires the simple things of life. One of the most important things in a relationship is saying the simple words that affirm the love between the couple exists. These words also assure the couple that the commitment is real consequently removing any doubts that might have been felt.

Here are several cute sayings for him that assures and affirms that love and commitment exists between the couple.

>>>> If you were a movie, I would watch you over and over again…This saying shows the man that the girl enjoys watching him and would like to see him as often as possible. It also passes the message that the man is handsome consequently giving him more self-esteem and confidence. As a result the man is assured that the girl really enjoys his presence hence showing that she loves him.

>>>> Even for millions of dollars, I would never trade this relationship…Amongst the things that people are known to love most is money and some people usually do everything in their power to ensure that they are successful financially. Hence when a man hears how much more She loves him more than money, then He is convinced that the girl really values him. These words gives assurance from the girl that she is ready to over go anything so as to keep the particular relationship working.

>>>> If I had not met you, I would keep searching until I the time I meet you…This is a cute saying for him that explains to the man that his girl is not interested in any other man. The saying uses words to tell the man that he is the best man that the girl would have hoped for and because they met, and then the girl would not be interested in any other man. It also shows the man that he completed the girl's life and if they would not have met, then the girl's life would still be incomplete. Hence, He understands that he is an important component of the girl's life which the girl cannot disregard.

>>>> I do not need a reason to love you…This amongst the cute love quotes for your boyfriend that can make him understand that you love him regardless of what happens whether good or bad. This shows him that She likes both the good and the bad characteristics of the man. For a financially successful man, the quote assures Him that She does not love him for the man while for a man struggling financially the saying assures him that the girl loves him even if he does not have a lot of money. Hence, the man understands that the girl will be by his side during good and bad times.

>>>> Walking away from you would be like shooting myself in the head...This saying clearly demonstrates to Him that She values him just like her life. This is because the comparison of separating and the girl shooting herself creates an impression of that her life depends on the relationship. Hence, the man gains confidence that he is the most important person in the girl's life consequently loving her more and more.

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>>>> You are always present in my dreams and in my mind while awake…A man who is told by a girl that she thinks of him all the time feels proud and more attracted to that particular girl. It also makes the man understand that She cannot be attracted by any other man since there is no time to think about anybody else. This is one of the cute sayings for him that are almost guaranteed to make Him love Her even more.

>>>>Yeah, I know he is cute, but he is mine…This saying is best suited to be placed on social media beside his picture or on a t-shirt. If a man gets a girl having shared this kind of post, then the man gets assured that the girl is ready to do anything to keep the relationship working. It also makes the man believe in himself especially for being regarded as cute.

>>>> My saddest moments are when I know I will not be seeing you in the next minute…This saying demonstrates how she really likes being close to her man and she is saddened by her absence. This is ideal for people who get to spend sometimes apart such as students or working couples. Hence, a couple can keep their relationship fresh and healthy by using the outlined cute sayings for him.