When it comes to gift giving, cute sock monkey gifts appeal to kids, teens and grownups alike because they are simply irresistable. All I have to do is look at their adorable faces to know that gifts with monkey appeal are well worth considering. The nice part is that most of these products are in a price range that many people can afford. They are cheap, cute and fun so you can't get any better than that. Below I have picked out a few products that I think would make adorable presents for either a kid, a teenager or even a senior. Many folks of all ages appreciate the cuteness factor of a sock monkey gift.

Westminster 4013 Sock Monkey Headphones
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(price as of Aug 16, 2013)
One of the coolest gift ideas for kids or preteens in this range is this awesome set of headphones. Your kid will go ape for something he or she can show off to friends . I like the idea of giving people things that are totally unexpected and outside of the box. Nobody can say that this is a boring gift.

These are working headphones that work with tablets, MP3 players, gaming systems, android and smartphones. This is a pretty unique gift idea that is surprisingly affordable for most budgets.
Sock Monkey Umbrella
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(price as of Aug 16, 2013)
How cute is this umbrella? Normally we don't think about getting an umbrella as a gift, but this one is a whimsical novelty item as well as a practical product for rainy days. I love this umbrella design. The umbrella is made of nylon and has a diameter of 29 inches across. How many people do you know that carry umbrellas with ears?
Schylling Sock Monkey Coin Purse
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(price as of Aug 16, 2013)
What I love about this little coin purse is the fact that it makes a great gift idea for very young girls, teenagers and older women alike. I have seen coin purses like this at my local mall, but for the most part, they are hard to find. The red pom pom on top makes this one doubly cute.

They are inexpensive enough to make a good stocking stuffer for the holidays or as unique party favors for young guests. This coin purse has a zipper opening and is 3 3/4 inches wide.
Classic Red Sock Monkey Pilot/Aviator Hat Hand Knitted in Nepal
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(price as of Aug 16, 2013)
I could see this one being a huge hit with teens. Not only is it super-cute, it keeps you warm on the coldest of days. The wonderful thing about these hat styles is that you can be guaranteed to attract attention and get compliments from people wherever you go.

This hat is sold as a unisex item and is knit by hand in India. It comes as a one-size-fits-all hat. This hat gets positive customer reviews on Amazon. What a cute way to keep warm on a cold day!
Delux Sock Monkey Animal Hat Hood
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(price as of Aug 16, 2013)
Is your guy just a little bit different than every other man in the crowd? If he is, this will make him even more unique.Guys; are you looking for ways to attract more female attention? If this hat doesn't make you stand out in a crowd, nothing will!

Women are naturally attracted to anything "cute and cuddly". Now there is no need to borrow a baby and a stroller or a puppy to get girls to notice you. Okay, so maybe this can't turn you into an instant alpha male babe magnet, but your female friends will be impressed by your brave fashion style.

This animal hat/ scarf combo has fleece on the lining and paw prints on the backside of the scarf pockets. It is made of 80% wool and 20% nylon.

Who Invented The Sock Monkey?

Now that I have listed some of these gift ideas, I am wondering who came up with the original design. Somebody had to look at an old sock and decide it would make a great stuffed toy that resembled a monkey. It turns out that the creation of these adorable stuffed animals were actually born out of a neccessity to recycle worn out socks back in the days of  The Great Depression.  Nobody really knows the person who constructed the very first sock monkey stuffed animal.

The red-heeled socks were first invented by John Nelson of the Nelson Knitting Company sometime around the early 1930's.  When other manufacturers  copied his seamless heel construction techniques, he made the heels  on his products red so customers could be sure they were getting the real deal. 1] 

The Timeless Appeal Of The Sock Monkey Is Hard To Deny

 A Great Way To Recycle Old Socks
Credit: Flickr.com, Sock Monkey Dog Bed by Rusty Clark, (cc by 2.0)

Is this a cute dog bed or is this a cute dog bed? To me, the original red-lipped version is the most adorable of all the colors that a sock monkey can come in. I never had one of these as a kid, but many baby boomers remember having one in their stuffed animal collection.

You Could Always Try To Make One Yourself

What I find interesting is that people make their own versions of this stuffed toy using almost any color and pattern of sock material you can think of. There are quite a few patterns online for creating the basic stuffed animal. I see them made in purple stripes, pink polka dots and even argyle. The nice part about being able to sew is having the creative freedom to give your stuffed animal his or her own unique personality. However, for those folks who are not gifted with the sewing bug, there are plenty of cute sock monkey gifts to choose from online.