I usually can't really get in on the swimsuit trends that much because they just aren't modest enough or they are too expensive. There are a lot of cute bathing suits for 2013 that are both affordable and come in a one piece style. Most years I can't even find one suit that I want to try on. This year I have to find which one is my favorite. This is a much better situation to be in.

Retro and Vintage Styles are the Biggest Trend!

Try the One Shoulder Trend

Cute One Piece Swimsuits for Juniors

Getting a teenager to wear a modest swimsuit can be more of a battle than at other ages. There are several things that will make a swimsuit feel more youthful so that your daughter will actually want to wear it.

The first thing is color. I like ombre effects instead of bold patterns which often make the fabric feel more mature. Go for brighter pinks, oranges, and blues for a younger look.

The silhouette is another important consideration as a one shoulder design is really trendy right now. If your daughter has only worn one piece swimsuits then she may be sick of the style. This can make it much more interesting. This style also can be really figure flattering for plus size women because it draws the eye upward towards the face.

Get a Pinup Look

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Vintage Nautical Style Swimwear

The nautical inspiration has been popular in home decor and fashion for the last few years and so it wasn't that big of a surprise when it comes up in swimwear so often now. This style tends to use stripes and a blue and white color palette. Usually it is navy but some looks sport a denim color.

This has a pinup feel to it so it can be sultry even when you aren't showing a lot of skin. There tends to be a lot of structure to the suit itself so it won't be that comfortable. There might even be an underwire in it for more support. It can work for multiple age groups and body types because you can find boy-leg shorts or strapless necklines.

If you do veer away from this blue and white color palette you can still get a nautical look. Anchor inspired fabric is popular in everything from red to orange. Any king of stripe will have a nautical inspiration especially if there is still a vintage feel with a boy leg short or some button details.

Buy a Floral Print

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Popular Patterns for 2013

One of the most popular patterns for 2013 are floral prints. Usually this style has been more tropical inspired. However, now there's more of an Asian inspiration like on Nanette Lepore's Kimono design. This allows the use of lots of pastel tones or bright summer colors. I think that this won't become as outdated as quickly as the nautical inspiration so you can afford to spend more on it. Sure floral prints are always cute, but usually it's geared towards younger girls. Now we're seeing it more for women on suits with more structure.

I also like that this suit has a jade tone to it which is a popular color this year but it isn't always the easiest to wear. Usually you can get away with brighter colors at the beach than you would in your daily wardrobe. It's a chance to choose some fun prints and patterns that you don't normally get to wear.

A floral print is also right in keeping with some of the most popular colors for 2013. They are also what I would classify as cute. Pastels are a really big trend. A lot of vintage and retro styles are popular and the difference is mainly in the color palette since the silhouette of both has been modernized. Mint green and a pale blue tone are two of the more popular colors. Pink and coral are also showing up a lot.

Vintage Style Bandeau

Vintage Inspired Swimdresses

I've always wanted a swimdress because of the coverage and modesty it provides but to me it's very dated. In 2013 though there is a more tailored version that has a vintage inspiration that even younger women can wear. I also like that it has a lace or a crocheted style fabric. The fact that the skirt is minimal and it comes in a more sophisticated fabric makes this Rebecca Virtue design successful. There are colors like watermelon, tangerine, & mint to choose from. The mint tone is usually darker than what I would typically picture this green to be but it's still a popular choice.

We aren't seeing as much black this year but if this is your color of choice then find an interesting texture and style such as this one.

Even if you have a more daring two piece you can still get a slight vintage flair through the use of ruffles. An outdated way to do this is a ruffle as a skirt. This year we see tiered large ruffles on tankini tops and smaller details near the straps.

Even designers like Betsey Johnson have gotten in on the swimdress trend. She makes them look more like sundresses and uses fun check patterns or really elegant fabrics.

There seems to be more coverage overall this year with a lot of retro boy leg styles which adds modesty without being too frumpy.

Solid Style with Texture from Calvin Klein

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Are You Ready to Hit the Beach?

To recap this is the year to go shopping if you really want a modest swimsuit. You will have a lot of choices and a lot of color palettes that aren’t usually available in this style. I’ve even been considering picking up several because they are usually so difficult for me to find.

This year is also all about detail. If you want a design that will still work next year then go with a focus on texture. This could be pleating or it may be fridge. You don't just want a solid sporty style. This will be the look that lasts the longest and can be in a classic color like white. Since one piece swimsuits tend to be more expensive this can be a smart investment.

The one word that typifies this style is probably cute. We’re seeing a lot of feminine colors and vintage styles. It’s all about bringing out your girly side and having fun wearing colors and patterns that you wouldn’t usually wear. This year also has more body conscious swimsuits: even with the two piece design styles. In this case there is a higher waisted boyshort usually and a bikini top with more coverage. It seems like designers are finally figuring out what women want to wear and what they look good in. Will you be going shopping for a new bathing suit this summer?