If you are looking for cute things to collect then this list is perfect for you. Browse for your favorite cute collectible.

1. Hello Kitty Dolls

In terms of cuteness, Hello Kitty takes the cake. Hello Kitty gear is not just for kids though. Many collectors find Hello Kitty to be a great source of cute things to collect. Most Hello Kitty collectors prefer to collect objects that can be easily displayed. As most know, the smaller things are, the cuter they are. Seek out the smallest Hello Kitty toys and baubles for a unique collection.

 2. Japanese Erasers

Visit YouTube and search for ‘Japanese Erasers’. You will find quickly that this fad is very real and widespread. Many collectors pride themselves on the size of their collections. These erasers are typically small so people can amass enormous collections without taking up too much space. If you are considering this as one of the many cute things to collect, try and identify a niche within the realm of Japanese Erasers. Here are some examples: sushi, food, very small ones, popular characters, etc. Another great thing about these cute collectibles; they are usually quite cheap.

3. Tiny Action Figures

As stated earlier in this post, tiny things are typically very cute. That’s why cute action figures gets number three on this list of cute things to collect. Most of these very small action figures won’t be typical characters. This can be good though, as it may introduce you to more obscure characters. Your first step in finding some great cute tiny action figures is to choose one niche or topics to collect. Here are some helpful examples: superheros, manga characters, animals, cars, female action figures, etc. Once you have identified what you want to collect, I recommend hitting up eBay and Etsy first. These sites will have the largest selection of niche items and some may even be one of a kind. Tiny action figures are a more obscure collectible but are a great choice when considering cute things to collect.


 4. Miniature Paintings

This may seem like an odd thing to collect but there is a large market for miniature paintings. You can find them in retail locations as well as handmade websites like Etsy. This is one of the cute things people collect that can be displayed throughout your home. And because they’re so small, you can present many of them without taking up too much wall or shelf space. Like most cute things to collect, first identify a niche or category of painting you would like to collect. For instance: landscapes, animals, popular characters, etc.

5. Smurf Collectibles

Remember those tiny smurf collectibles? They never went away. People still collect those small figures throughout the country. This is another item on the list of cute things to collect that people love to display throughout their home. Not only is it a fun collection it is also a pop culture reference.

A quick visit to some dedicated blogs will let you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of different variations of the smurf collectibles you once knew. Check out this article for advice on where to buy Smurfs. These figurines range in rarity from common to nearly impossible to find. Because of that you can adjust you collecting to fit your budget: Go for the ultra rare and break the bank or make a wonderful collection on a tight budget.

Glad you were able to use this list of cute things to collect. If I forgot anything, add it in the comments section.