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It always feels nice when one is appreciated in a relationship. Everybody wants to feel loved and thought of. This applies to men too. They have emotions and wouldn't mind being smothered a bit from time to time. You can make your boyfriend feel loved and appreciated by surprising him with cute gifts every now and then. You don't have to wait for special occasions such as birthdays and graduation to do this. Once in a while surprise him.

The following is a list of cute things to get your boyfriend.

>>>> Decorated coffee mug…Visit a pottery store and have a mug custom made for him. You can put a cute picture of the two of you or have a loving message written on it. There are plenty of cute love quotes for your boyfriend to choose from. If you feel like getting artsy you can choose to do the decoration yourself. Buy a set of ceramic paints and inscribe whatever it is you want on the mug.

>>>> Inscribed watch…You can inscribe a romantic message on the back of a watch and give it to him. The watch doesn't really need to be expensive. But if you can afford an expensive one, go ahead and purchase it for your boyfriend. Just make sure that the back is big enough for the message to fit perfectly. Any local jeweler can do this. Most stores that sell watches also offer engraving services. Another favorite to engrave is one of many cute sayings for him. There are also a lot of sayings that will make him smile.

>>>> A blanket of his favorite team…It is no secret that guys love sports. I am positive that you know his favorite club. It can be hockey, football, soccer, rugby etc. A blanket of his favorite team is one of the cute things to get your boyfriend. This way when he goes to sleep and covers himself with it, all that will be running through his mind is the thoughts of him having such an amazing girlfriend.

>>>> Matching jerseys…Get two matching jerseys of his favorite sports team which you will both wear the next time you go to watch a game together. This is really adorable…Make a list of special things you can do for him to use later.

>>>> A nice, romantic homemade dinner…I know this should be more of something to do for your boyfriend than what to get him. Cook him a nice homemade meal and invite him over. Every man adores a woman who can make magic in the kitchen. You don't have to go overboard with this. Something simple and romantic will do. Invite him over by using some text messages to send to a guy.

>>>> Cute cards…Once in a while surprise your boyfriend with a card bearing romantic words. You can even send him inspirational and motivational cards. These will make him feel appreciated and know that somebody out there is with him in thoughts. The card can even be homemade. Get in touch with your creative side.

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>>>> ITunes gift card…Who does not love music? Surprise your boyfriend with an iTunes card. This way he can buy as many songs as he want; songs that will; always remind him of you.

>>>> Scrapbook…You can get him a scrapbook made of some of the best memories you have captured on camera. A scrap book is one great way of reliving some of the best times you have had together in your relationship. It is actually among the most pocket-friendly cute things to get for your boyfriend. You can also include your friends in it. Be creative and say make every page or a couple of them have different themes.

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>>>> Tickets…You can never go wrong with tickets. They are a popular choice of  things to get your boyfriend. It can be tickets to a movie, a game match, wrestling match, concert or a play. Get him tickets to whatever he fancies. It would be nice to surprise him with these especially after a stressful day.

>>>> Picture frame…Last but certainly not least on the list of cute things to get your boyfriend is a picture frame. A picture speaks a thousand words. I am pretty sure it will speak more than just a thousand words if it was next to his bed, in a beautiful picture frame. Get a nice photo of the two of you and put it in a magnificent picture frame.