Valentine's Day Decorations

Office Decor

Valentine's Day decorations are fun to get for the office. Decorating the office for different holidays throughout the year gives a sligth break from the monotony of daily work life, even when you like your job. Getting cute Valentine's day decorations for the office helps lighten the mood at work and is usually pleasing to customers, too, depending on your work space.

Office decorations for Valentine's day are probably best in proportion with your place of business. There are not as many decorations to choose from for Valentine's day as there are during Halloween, but the great thing is that you can purchase all sorts of lights from department stores and online at places like There are Valentine's Day decorations for home that will work in the office, too.

Valentine's Day Signs - Decorations for the Office

There is a love theme with most Valentine's Day decorations. Many of them are red, hearts, roses, lips, and other "love" figures. Cupid is the most recognizable. Any decoration involving Cupid, arrows, and hearts are sure to go over. There are several different Valentine's sign decorations that you can get to set around the office. Wooden signs with Valentine's Day expressions like the word Love or Mine are available at many different stores. Craft stores are excellent places to buy decorations. Some great stores are Michael's and JoAnne Fabrics. The Dollar Store is one of the best places to buy V Hanging  Valentines Day Sign for the Officealentine's Day office decorations. Cheap decorations are also on sale at various dollar stores.

Amazon has some cute hanging Valentine's Day signs. One of the cutest, best selling hanging signs is the metal and wood Happy Valentine's Day sign that is a little over a foot long. A metal hook is included for hanging so this makes a great office decoration as long as it hangs over a spot where no one will hit their head. It is an easy and cute hanging Happy Valentine's Day red, white, and pink sign for decorating the office at Amazon, on sale.

Valentine's Day Garland

Garland can be a added to a Valentine's Day sign or can be a decoration itself. There are many different types of garland, that now includes LED lighted garland. There are also red wreathes that can be hung up around the office or on the door. Add garland around flower center pieces to make the decoration more unique. Some Valentine's Day garland is made out of hearts and wire so it can be shaped as a decoration.

Valentine's Day Lights and Inflatable Decorations

As the LED light technology grows, so does the availability of awesome LED light decorations for the holidays. If you have neutral red or white light decorations left over from Christmas they will also work for an office decoration on Valentine's Day. String lights and rope lights are excellent and can be uInflatable Heart Decorations for Valentines Daysed to hang around the office. Lighted decorations will probably be the most easy Valentine's Day office decor. Heart shapes string lights are abundant. There are also excellent red mini lights that make great decorations or garland.

Inflatable decorations are always popular. Since it is the workplace there might not be room for an inflatable, but if there is a Valentine's Day work party then this is still a good decoration idea. One of the most common Valentine's inflatable decorations is the inflatable heart, a giant big red heart. There are a few companies that have inflatable decorations for outside, so they may work in some situations. Valentine's Day inflatable bears are good office decorations, too.

Work Party Decorations for Valentine's Day

If you are celebrating Valentine's Day in the office with a work party then remember the party supplies along with decorations. Suggest a small Valentine's Day party of celebration at work. Help plan a potluck or a special lunch. Put someone in charge of Valentine's Day cupcakes. Have a day where you appreciate the work you do and yourselves. Party supplies for Valentine's Day include paper plates, napkins, cups, utensils, table decor, and a Valentine's Day banner.

Valentine's Day Cards from the Boss

A great touch by the boss this year on Valentine's Day is to give personalized cards to the employees. Not gift cards (unless you can, and in that case online Amazon cards are perfect), but actual hand made greeting cards. A recent study named "praise" as the most desired thing that college students want. Although it was a study on college students, the results show an increasing desire by people to be appreciated and have an interaction that positively raises self esteem. Using this information, the best thing a boss can do on Valentine's Day is write a personal note to his employees. The greeting card or valentine does not have to be fancy, just real and tangible. With a tough economy and many folks under hard times, words of graciousness from the boss goes a long way. Give praise and appreciate employees. Sometimes bosses need prompting from office managers, secretaries, and administrative assistant. Help the boss prepare a valentine for the employees, especially if gratitude is lacking in the office.

Office Decorating on Valentine's Day

Don't forget to have a bowl of Valentine's candy out for customers. This is always an appreciated gesture, especially on special holidays. Decorate the office with the above Valentine's Day decorations and bring some red and brightness alive. Between the decorative Valentine's signs, banners, lights, string heart lights, garland, and flower bouguets, the office will look great. Happy Valentine's Day!