Dress Your Favorite Child in One of These Adorable Valentine's Day Outfits for Girls

One of the best things about being an auntie for the past 28 years has been buying adorable outfits for my nieces and nephews. But now they are all adults and they are having babies of their own! Even though I have been a great-aunt since I was twenty-five years old (my niece started her family really young), I have never gotten bored or tired of going to the baby department and picking out a gorgeous outfit for the latest family addition to wear. I love shopping for those precious little outfits, as I know all too well how fast they will grow and one day have their own opinions of what they want to wear!

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When my three children were infants and toddlers, family members gave them adorable Valentine’s Day outfits for them to wear. I now look back on those pictures and smile at how adorable they all looked-especially my twins in their boy/girl thematic outfits!

With two new babies born in the family in the past two months, I have been looking in the baby department to see what I can buy for our family’s latest blessings. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I have my eyes set on a few outfits that would make the perfect gift!

What to Look for When Buying Valentine's Day Clothing for Girls

Credit: www.morguefile.com

Ok, I admit that dressing my children was fun-it was like dressing little dolls! No one spoke back to me about what I chose for them to wear until they could talk and have opinions of their own.

But I did learn several things about how to choose the right clothing for my children, especially, when I received gifts that I would not let my children wear.

Children have different clothing needs depending on their age. Wobbly headed babies should not have anything that has buttons in the back, as they cannot hold up their heads when you try to dress them! Everyone ends up frustrated. Clothing should be easy for Mommy and Daddy to take off when it is time to change their outfits.

Credit: www.morguefile.com

Most importantly, when it comes to babies, clothing must be made so it is easy to change a diaper. If an outfit does not fit right on the bottom, it will be a very messy experience for everyone.

For toddlers who are still wearing diapers, outfits should be easy to put on as they typically do not stay still for long. Be aware of necks openings that are too small and pants that are difficult to button. These will lead to a tug of war when you are getting dressed and undressed.

Here is Another Stylish Choice!

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If your climate is more temperate in February, this short sleeved outfit will look lovely. For colder climates, add a long sleeve red shirt underneath.

Daddy's Girl!

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