Ladies: You Can Look Great Even When You're Pouring Sweat!

These cute workout tops will make you feel sexy even during the most intense workout.

When it comes to looking great, working out is kind of a catch 22. On one hand, you're there to create a lean, sexy body that's the envy of men and women everywhere, but on the other, well, let's just say that it's pretty hard to feel sexy when you're straining for that one last rep or drenched in sweat on the treadmill.

On top of that, most workout tops are the most unflattering things you've ever seen in your life. Talk about feeling completely UNattractive! Some of them are so bad that many women prefer to wear actual t-shirts to the gym instead of one of those godawful workout tops.

If you want to look cute while working out, while wearing something that's actually designed for physical fitness and proper support, that won't cost you an arm and a leg (cheap is good!), then check out:

Top 5 Cute Workout Tops For Women

Here are my absolute top favorite workout tops for ladies. Almost all of them come in several sizes and colors, so you're sure to find a size/color combo that works for you. As far as price, you COULD spend upwards of $50 per top at a sporting goods shop or local retailer, or you could save at least 50% by buying them at That's what I'd recommend. Plus, they've got many more to choose from, so if you don't like these you can shop around until you find something you like.

The "Miami Top" Workout Top by Fit Culture

Fit Culture Miami Top Workout Top in Aqua and BlackPersonally, I think the Miami Top is probably the cutest workout top I've ever found. It features some great clean lines with very modern styling. It's sure to turn some heads wherever you wear it, even if you're not paying attention because you're cranking out cardio like a mad woman. Unlike many of the others, this one doesn't have those criss-cross straps, but that's kind of what makes it so cute. It blends the simplicity of straight straps with just enough "style" in the form of the wavy color scheme.

The Miami Top by Fit Culture comes in several colors: Aqua, pink, green, periwinkle (purple) and red; all of which are trimmed in black. Sometimes the simple things are the sexiest, wouldn't you agree?

Nike Dedication Workout Top

Nike Dedication II Workout TopThe Nike Dedication Workout Top is another classic, clean look that will make you feel sexy even during the most "unsexy" times (particularly, when you're sweating like crazy, your hair is in an indiscrete pony tail and your face is completely flushed). Nike actually makes this top in two variations, this one and the sports-bra-only version, that means they spent plenty of time developing a top that offers superior support to go with the super cute look. Besides, Nike has a reputation for outstanding athletic gear. This one costs a bit more than the others, but not much - definitely not enough to warrant buying something else if you really like it.

The Nike Dedication II Workout Top comes in several colors: Black, Green, Lime, Pink, Cherry and Blue. This one is definitely marketed towards the more serious athletes, but it looks great on even the most casual gym-goer.

The Chelsea Double Strap Cami Workout Top by Fit Culture

Chelsea Double Strap Cami Workout Top in PurpleThe Chelsea Double Strap workout top is the second top in my list that's made by Fit Culture, which shows that they sure know how to make women feel cute while providing outstanding support while they work out. This Chelsea Double Strap features one solid color in a very form fitting shape (and they've pretty much nailed the shape, I should point out - many fitted workout tops fit like parachutes, not this one). But don't think that this is just a plain and basic top, because the back features two crisscrossed straps that look elegant, clean and gorgeous. It's the perfect accent on an otherwise clean design. If you've been working hard to build up a strong back and shoulders, you won't want to miss this one.

The Chelsea Double Strap workout top is available in aqua, periwinkle (purple), black, red, green and brown. It's also available in almost every size imaginable, so finding one for your body and style is easy.

New Balance Tonic Workout Top

New Balance Tonic Top Workout Top in PinkNew Balance has been creating amazing sportswear for decades, and the Tonic Top is probably my favorite example of their dedication to performance-first workout tops. But just because this was designed for "function over form" doesn't mean it doesn't look great. In fact, it's probably one of the cutest workout tops I've ever seen. Just by looking at it you can tell that it's built for performance, but the creative accents along the sides add just the right element of style, which should help any woman feel less like she's wearing a suit of armor (which is how some of the more plain workout tops feel). The back is also very cute, with a nice criss-cross strap and open shoulders. You'll love this one.

The New Balance Tonic Top comes in all sizes, and is available in so many different color and trim variations that I couldn't begin to describe them all here, but Amazon shows them all. Trust me, they all look super cute.

Under Armour Cold Gear Workout Top

Under Armour Cold Gear Workout Top in CharcoalThe Under Armour Cold Gear Workout Top is made for women who prefer spending some exercise time in the outdoors, particularly when it's cold outside. It's made of materials that keep your warm and dry while you're braving the elements, and it's shaped in a way that would make any woman feel cute and attractive, even if she's jogging through an intense rain or snow storm. I thought since I've listed several cute inside tops, it's only fair to showcase a very cute outdoor workout top, too. Not only will this one keep you covered (it's got long sleeves and a hood), it will keep your looking great the whole time. And because it's made by Under Armour, you can be sure that it's made to keep you performing strong and comfortable the whole time.

The Under Armour Cold Gear Workout Top comes in all sizes and in the following colors: Grey, black, white, pink, purple, teal, aqua and green.

You Can Look Cute While You Work Out!

If you've gotten nothing else out of this article, hopefully you realize that you don't have to look like a "gym rat" working out. Thanks to some of these really cute workout tops, you can wear some seriously feminine and sexy clothes while working to make or keep your body looking great.