What do you get an unborn baby?

Baby showers are really cute, everyone is looking forward to a new life starting and want to bestow their well wishes and charms for the baby. I never had a baby shower with any of my children as they have only really taken off the last few years, I was always envious of them when I would watch families in the US holding baby showers. 

You may not know the baby as it has not yet been born but you know their parents, so think of things they have already bought, so they don't end up with a 30 baby towels or 10 "First tooth" trinkets. That means stay out of the local high street chain as the gift will scream out "last minute gift".

Cute Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

1 Child to Cherish Baby to Bride Bracelet

Baby to Bride Baby Girl Bracelet

A beatiful Sterling silver bracelet with fresh water pearl. The frame is made from acrylic and holds a very cute poem that will ring in the heart of the mother and then the baby girl as she grows in to a woman. It says "Once upon a time... a baby girl was born. This pearl and silver bracelet, upon her wrist was worn, the years went by, and the young girl grew. Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, a lucky penny for her shoe!" 

My last child was a boy but I received something similar in the sentiment of a charm. A sixpence in a gift bag with a charm tie and a blessing attached. I will treasure that until my son is an adult and I can hand that to him. A mother of a daughter would be able to do the same with a gift such as this.

2 Mud Pie Perfect Princess Crawler 

Perfect Princess Black and Pink Crawler

This gorgeous Black and Pink Crawler is one of the  perfect Baby Shower gifts for  girls. So girly and yet different to all the rest outfits on the market. The reviews on this Baby Crawler are amazing, the customers who have already bought this lovely outfit have all said that the quality of Mud Pie clothing is ultra soft and pure quality. There are written reviews on Amazon for Mud Pie products and they are all great.

Cute Baby Shower Gifts for Boys

1 12.5"x 10"x4" Designs Ceramic Dinner Set

Baby boy Ceramic Plate set

Some cute ceramic gifts here. A cute little frog in blue on a Plate, bowl, sippy cup in a reusable box. Baby shower gifts such as these are so full of thought and individual that you will be very well received bringing this to any Baby shower. This really is a Baby shower Keepsake as it will never deteriorate. This really is for a special baby. The writing on the plate is " Once upon a time a sweet little boy was born".

The set is perfectly usable so if given as a gift, the baby boy's parents could decide to either put it away or let their child use the set to have meals from.

2 Sweet Baby Boy Care package Box Gift Box with Teddy Bear

Baby shower gift for boys

This really is a great big bundle of gifts to take to a Baby shower for a baby boy.This is great if you want to get one of every gift idea you have seen. There is a Keepsake teddy bear, a pack of nappies, pretty picture frame, baby bottle, embroidered baby bib, baby blanket, cotton washclothes and a rubber duckie. What more could you bring to a Baby shower?

Cute Baby Shower Gifts for Unisex

1.Rockabye baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles

Lullaby Beatles music for a Baby shower gift

Everyone loved the Beatles, it would be sacrilidge to let the next generation grow up with out knowing this magnificent band, what better way than with these Lullaby tunes. Don't buy it for yourself as this isn't simply a cd of Beatles songs that you could listen to in the car etc, it is a collection of soothing tunes that will hopefully send the most irritated baby in to a calm slumber. The gift of sending a baby to sleep with the gift YOU bought them will put you up there as the best friend in the world, as any new parent needs a break or two with a new demanding baby.

2 Carter's Bound Keepsake Memory Book of Baby's first 5 years

Baby book First 5 years baby shower gift

A great gift is this Baby Shower album that will record all of the new parent's memories as their baby grows up. Amazon sell Carter's Bound Keepsake Memory Book for just over $20 and you get it delivered already gift boxed for you, so presentation is also dealt with. 

The pages in this Baby Keepsake album are titled with headings such as "All about my Mommy", "All about my Daddy" and "My Homecoming" to name a few.

Whatever you decide to buy for your friend or family's Baby shower, make sure it is something you really fell in love with yourself, as it will show in the gift you give.