Cute iPhone 4 Cases can really make you look a lot cooler. Girls have all type of accessories and with the coming of the mobile telephone there was born another one. Back in the days, with out big nokias you couldn't really call these phones cool, or note worthy. But now, with the sharp look of the different smartphones you can really improve your looks with a telephone.

If you want to take it a step further, you want to look into cute iphone 4 cases! A nice cover doesn't only protect your iPhone, but it makes it look better as well. In this article I will share some of the best looking covers out there!

Cute iPhone 4 Cases

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case

Of course they exist, of course there are cases with Hello Kitty on them! Simple cases with a print of the Japanese cat, but there are better looking ones as well. For instance this case.

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case with a BowCredit:

This case has a cute little bow on it, to mimic Hello Kitty. Looks great in your hand and lending out your phone to someone will be fun. Another one looks even better!

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case with EarsCredit:

This Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case has ears! The same type of ears Hello Kitty herself has. I think this proves of creativity, together with some nice fabrics.

Swarovski iPhone 4 Case

Swarovski iPhone 4 CaseCredit:

There are a ton of Swarovski iPhone 4 cases out there as well. They vary in price, you can get most of them for around 80$ for instance, but there is one with a crystal owl on it for a price of 300$!

These cases come in all type of designs. There are really a lot of crystals on them and according to the reviews you should be careful they don't fall off, because if you have them in your pocket there is always this chance!

There are more simplistic Swarovski cases as well, they just have a cute crystal, nothing fancy. So if you don't want to brag too much, this would be a solution.

Cute iPhone 4 Cases with Animal Print

There are a bunch of cases with animal prints as well. For instance a rainbow zebra.

Cute iPhone 4 Cases ZebraCredit:

This case is nothing fancy and probably not very expensive as well, but it does have something to it. It looks colorful and it looks really cute actually. Imagine yourself walking around with this case, wouldn't that be great?

Another case which does good on Amazon is a rainbow leopard. Again, the colors help big time in selling these items, but the leopard print has something cute to it as well!

There are also alligator cases, which are not that cute, but are nice as there are animals involved! But it is all fake, so don't worry!

But the most cute iPhones 4 cases with animal prints of them all is the one with dog footprints!

Cute iPhone 4 Cases DogCredit:

These cases look like there walked a mini dog over them, which gives it a cute look. They come in all different type of colors and girls will probably love it.

Rabbit iPhone 4 Case

You just need to look at this cover and you will be sold.

Cute iPhone 4 Cases RabbitCredit:

They have ears! Just like the Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case, but now they have rabbit ears! These cases come in all different types of colors as well, ranging from black to white and from blue to red!

Hopefully you got some inspiration to find one of these cute iPhone 4 Cases!