Kenneth Cole leather messenger bag

The best leather messenger bags for women combine both style and function, serving as handy yet fashionable accessories for the busy woman, whether at work or play. Women’s messenger bags provide a great way to carry all of your work essentials and other accessories around as you go about your day. And leather messenger bags bring a touch of fashion and class to this otherwise everyday accessory. While a purse or handbag can be awkward to carry around the workplace, a messenger bag allows you to carry your essentials around in a practical, stylish and professional manner. Leather messenger bags are often designed to be ideal for carrying extra weight, such as a laptop, and are also convenient for traveling with. When you shop messenger bags, it can be easy to get confused as there are so many choices, so here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose the best leather messenger bag for your needs:

If you usually carry around your laptop at work or around town, then you might want to consider a leather laptop messenger bag. This requires a slightly larger bag than your basic women’s messenger bags, and will have a pocket designated just for carrying your laptop. Such laptop bags will usually also have a range of other pockets to carry other items, so the laptop messenger bag can double as a purse, reducing your need to carry additional bags.

You can also get a convertible messenger bag for maximum versatility. These cute leather messenger bags can be converted from a one strap shoulder bag to a two-strap backpack without much fuss, or even into a waist or hip bag. Or you can get a messenger bag that functions primarily as a travel bag. These messenger bags are generally compact and can also function as one strap backpacks or large purses. How you use these fashionable yet useful and versatile women’s messenger bags is up to you.

The following are some of the best cute leather messenger bags for women on sale at Based on customer reviews and price, these shoulder bags are both fashionable and fun accessories for women:

Travelon Leather Expandable Messenger-Style Bag

Travelon leather messenger bag for women

Travelon makes this fashionable leather messenger bag, essentially a single strap backpack. It comes in a number of attractive colors, including black, brown, camel and red. The Travelon messenger bag features two big compartments, an organizer with card slots, and a hidden read pocket with zipper. The price ranges from a very affordable $32 to $45, with price varying by color. Customers have generally been very pleased with this model, commenting that it was very convenient for travel, while also making a fashion statement.

Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole produces a line of very fashionable and popular leather messenger bags. These bags feature a polyester lining and flap closure, and a long as well as a short adjustable strap for different carrying options. The fine stitching details and rich full-grain, soft Colombian leather make this messenger bag a very stylish piece, and the roomy compartment along with a zippered pocket make it a practical accessory for everyday needs. There are also front gusseted pockets, including a handy pocket for your cell phone. The Kenneth Cole messenger bag is one of the bestselling messenger bags for good reason.

Customers commented favorably on this messenger bag’s style and practicality, as it is relatively light but has plenty of room to carry a laptop, work papers and accessories. Retailing at $75.00, this shoulder bag is very good value for money.

These are just some of the best leather messenger bags for women (and men too). Amazon has many other great bargains in messenger bags, so happy shopping!