My friend spent a fortnight thinking of unique, cute and interesting female cat names for her adopted cats. She spent hours watching them. She spent ages grooming them.

After a fortnight of hard work, you would have thought she came out with interesting female cat names. However, her chosen female cat names were so common. The grey and motherly looking cat was named as Sweetie. The furry and lazy cat was named as Flurry. The white cat was named as Cloudy.

I bet a few hundred cats around the world share the same name as her cats.

The most interesting female cat names come from Scales of Justice, a mystery novel written by Ngaio Marsh.

The mother cat, Mrs Thomasina Twitchett, plays an important role in this book. In fact, the Chief Inspector Alleyn solves the murder due to the fact that Mrs Thomasina Twitchett smells of fish on that fated day.

The mother of Mrs Thomasina Twitchett is named as Madame Thorns.

One daughter of Mrs Thomasina Twitchett is known as Miss Paddy Paws. Another female cat is called Miss Edie Puss. The male cats are known as Ptolemy and Alexis.

These are the interesting and creative female and male cat names. If my friend had called her cat as Mrs Charlotte Twitchett, I am certain that no other cat shares the same given name.

It is interesting to see how a mystery writer can invent interesting names for fictitious cats, yet the cat owners are not able to give more interesting female cat names.

Mrs Thomasina Twitchett in the Scales of Justice apparently remembers her given name. She looks up when her owner calls her.

I think we should educate all cat owners to rename all their cats, so that common names such as Sweetie, Cloudy and Flurry are replaced.

Do you think naming a male cat as Mr Ptolemy Mercury is a good idea? How about Mr Alexis Plato as the name of your male cat?

Now let us consider some interesting female cat names. Thomasina Thorns sounds great for a fierce mother cat.

We can call her sweet sister as Alexandrina Twitchett. How about Claudia Twitchett? It does sound more than a human name than a cat name if you call the cat Claudia instead of Claudia Twitchett.

Do you have a cat? What is the name of your cat? I hope you can come out with some interesting female cat names for the next generation.