Cuts of beef for steak grilling guide

Cooking the various steaks from the nine major cuts of beef can vary greatly and requires experience and knowledge to extract the most flavor. Here we will select a few of the favorite beef steaks for grilling, and how to prepare them for the cooking process. Finally, choosing the best roast or grilling method to enhance and extract their goodness. The grass fed leaner steaks cook quite fast, using the touch for firmness method is one of the most reliable ways of checking rareness. Put your finger to the steak's surface, it should feel soft like the fatty palm area below the thumb in relaxed position. Some use the ten minutes--grilling on each side--for each inch of thickness rule. The term blue means nearly raw, rare is a deep red, medium rare is dark pink, medium is light pink and well done is gray inside the entire beef steak.

The chuck and round sections produce muscular, firm roasts and cuts, they should not be cooked beyond medium rare to--keep from becoming tough and chewy.

The best steaks for grilling come from the leaner cuts of beef. These are the following roasts and steaks-- surgically sliced from them.

Starting near the shoulder and neck is the chuck. We'll move to the rib cut, which is a rib roast and from that is rib-eye steak--boneless rib steak and rib steak. Some of the most desired cuts come from this, such as, Delmonico, Beauty and Market steaks. These can become more tender with a few hours of marinating before grilling.

The next cut near the middle back of the steer is the short loin which produces the Porterhouse also T- bone from the tenderloin roast.

The tenderloin steak produces fillet mignon, Chateaubriand and fillet steak. Top sirloin boneless is cut into strip steak, New York strip steak and Kansas City steak, which are greatly sought after--they have very nice marbling and are delicious grilled. A light marinade can be prepared to bring out the flavors.

The sirloin cut is in the middle back, a tri-tip roast produces the sirloin steak and top sirloin steak, another favorite choice for grilling. Many prefer a very simple preparation for this flavorful cut: olive oil, salt and pepper.

Grilled top srloin steaks