Most pavers are rectangular or square in shape. This can make it awkward to create curved or rounded designs using the pavers. If you line the pavers up slightly beyond the desired location, you can then cut through the pavers following a curved line to create a rounded or curved edge. This will transform the straight lines of the paving stones into a elegant curved design that you can use for walkways, patios and even stepping stones.

Tools and Supplies

  • Butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Paver stones
  • Garden hose
  • Permanent marker
  • Handheld saw with masonry blade
  • Safety goggles

Cutting Process

Cut out a piece of paper into the desired finished shape of the walkway or paved design. Lay out the pavers in the desired pattern over this piece of paper on a concrete surface. Overlap the edge of the paper pattern with the paver stones so that the pattern is completely covered by the pavers.


Place a hose onto the pavers along the line of the paper pattern. The hose will help keep the rounded edge even. Draw the outline of the curve with a permanent marker.


Put on safety goggles. Wet the pavers with water until they are soaked. Cut through the pavers with the masonry blade. Gently rest the blade on the surface of the pavers and allow the weight of the saw to cut through the pavers. Work slowly, so that you do not create sparks or break the pavers by using too much pressure during the cutting process. If the pavers start to spark, add more water to the pavers.


Mark each paver with a number so that when you move them to the desired location you can fit them in place without fitting them together like a puzzle. 

Fit the pavers together over a flat, sandy surface to create a concrete walkway that will stay in place for several years. 

Helpful Hints

If you want to make a curved outline from straight bricks, simply line the bricks into a curved pattern with the bottom edges touching. Use a ruler to measure the angled line that you need to cut along the adjcent edges of the bricks so that the pavers fit flush against each other. Cut along this line with the masonry saw. Line the edges of the bricks together to create a curved outline. If necessary, cut some of the brick a second time to create a tighter fit. 

Safety Tips

  • Always take proper safety precautions when working with power tools and always wear safety goggles.
  • Never dry-cut paving stones, but rather always lubricate the cuts with water to prevent unwanted dust and cement pieces from flying away from the paving stones during the cutting process.