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There was a day when you trusted that when you were on the internet you were the only one who knew what you were up to...well you and the internet provider company, and they didn't care, or track you. But today, you can't trust this privacy and security...the fact that so much money travels on the internet brought the innovative thieves and busybodies out of the closet to attack and try to steal as many ID's as they can. But you need not fear, there is a way to stop these cyber-criminals dead in their tracks.

Watching You

Internet Security 101: Get A VPN Service

There are a few simple things you can do to help you increase your security...SSL, for example, provides a layer of protection that many banks and other financial institutions use often. But, the combination of the best VPN possible along with SSL, would provide the kind of protection that even most government agencies would find daunting to interrupt. And the encryption that a VPN provides would insure that decryption of the actual transmission would take years for even the best decoder.

Secured Tunnel

VPN Tunnels In Action

When you connect to your bank, or credit card company, in almost every instance you will see an address of https://, instead of the usual http://. The "s" indicates that your computer and the bank are connected via a secured "tunnel" that no one else can "see" inside of. While these tunnels are fairly secured, they can be hacked. Using one of the best VPN this tunnel will be "reinforced" as would an underground tunnel would be when reinforced with concrete. The extra layer of protection makes your tunnel impervious to almost any attack.

Encrypted Data

VPN Encryption And Protocols

The best VPN's will allow you more than one method of encryption and often many protocols available. This gives you some measure of control on how secure that your information is. Protocols can be Operating System (OS) specific, and encryption have differing levels, so look close and consider what you will be using it for when you shop for the best VPN for your purposes. Also, some will have clients to install, while others will use the OS client to make the connection and handle the encryption.


In An Utopian Society

We really wouldn't need anything like this, but Utopia doesn't exist yet. Fortunately though, in times like these there are websites, and special privacy programs to help you keep your data safe from the cyber-thieves out there.