Getting the best deal on a cyber Monday for a laptop for me is usually through or through It seems these deals are the same if not better as Black Friday deals but the ordering by being in the comfort of your own home as well as free shipping most of the time on that day is very useful. The stock is usually full as well, and if its not then the order is delivered with a delay but it is certain that you receive the buy for the set price rather than go to the store to be told it is not in stock. - New York

Getting the best deal on cyber monday for a laptop would be a macbook. I currently have a mac that is a couple years old and I am always looking to upgrade to a newer model with faster processing, better resolution, and more memory. Since Macbook's are so ridiculously expensive, a deal on cyber monday especially, would be ideal. Even if it was just a few hundred off or buy a macbook and get an ipod free or cheaper upgrades or even a free screen upgrade, I would be more inclined to order a new laptop instead of always looking and never buying. - Virginia

Getting the best laptop deal for cyber monday. First the sales actually start on Sunday at midnight so set your alarm. Then do some research on what laptop you want and feature requirements. Start looking before the sales start so at midnight you know exactly what you are looking for and what price is really a good deal compared to what the normal actual price is. Don't fall prey to "just because it is marked down it is a good deal" Do your research first. I would love to get the new Samsung Galaxy s3 for about $200 and the Macbook laptop for the same price. That will be a great deal but I am not sure that will be possible. - Ohio
Getting the best deal for a laptop on cyber monday typically involves gathering deal lists from Engadget and various other tech web sites. The old days of individuals having to gather deal information went away when internet traffic became the a precious commodity. My dream laptop for cyber monday would definitely have to be a Falcon Northwest I/O for under $500. Getting a deal on it is unlikely as I would want its best possible specs, but if I could receive better than 15 percent off I would have gotten a good deal. Auxtin, Texas