The internet has grown vast in size and numbers. With this growth has also come the growth of cyber porn addiction. Cyber porn has made for the abundant availability of pornography into the hands of the addict. Usually the author of this type of material is very selfish and usually just looking for selfish gains

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The creators of such destructive material as pornography do not see what effects or what the porn addict goes through in an attempt to break the chains of the addiction. Cyber porn addicts in most instances do not think very highly of themselves. Some are even suffering in the destruction of their family, marriages and lifestyles due to the addiction.

There are some scary facts that should be considered in our society concerning pornography addiction.

Consider these facts:

  • Sexual solicitation has been received by one in five children from the age 10-17 while on the internet. (The Web's Dark Secret. Newsweek, 19 March, 2001)
  • The staggering figure of 2.5 electronic mails in a day is of a pornographic nature. (Pornography Statistics, 2003 Family Safe Media)
  • Exposing a child to pornography at an early age will increase the chances of that child becoming a sexual addict.
  • The addiction grows from soft pornography to violent and degrading type pornographic media. The addict then begins to attempt to do these acts in real life.

Treating a porn or cyber porn addict can be a difficult task as the majority of clinicians concur. There have been many addicts that will say things like "now is my final time to view this stuff". Pornography addiction can be broken when the person affected realizes that there is a problem. Sometimes the person has to come to the end of themselves to realize that the answer is not another drug or another destructive behavior. Really the only Person that can help is Jesus Christ. The pornography addict must give themselves daily to treat this addiction. Find a Bible and everyday ask Jesus to give you the strength to stop this addiction.