Keeping Warm in the Winter with Cycle Clothing

Cycling in winter can be extremely cold, so it’s really important to buy appropriate cycle clothing for the weather conditions you are out riding in. Unlike going for a walk, you can’t always necessarily put on a thick warm jacket and go for a ride. Instead, you need to think carefully about how you’re going to dress. A top tip for winter dressing when out bike riding is ‘layering up’ your clothes rather than putting on big thick layers. For the top half of your body, there are a variety of under-layers from sleeveless tops to long-sleeved thermal to go under your jersey. As for your bottom half, there are knee or leg warmers which are tight to the skin secured by rubberised bands at the top of the warmers to hold them in place underneath your shorts. Layers of cycle clothing are a great way of keeping warm when out on wintery rides.

What’s Best for Summer?

When the sun is shining and there’s not a clouds in the sky, we know summer is finally here, but similarly to the debate of what is best to keep you warm in the winter is what is best to keep you cool  in the summer? When riding in hot conditions, clothing that is going to be light-weight and breathable is going to be your best option. Rather than in the winter when you need your clothes to keep the heat in, instead you want them to be able to easily let your body heat out in order for your skin to get that cool air it needs. Another reason for getting something light-weight and breathable is so your clothing cannot collect body fluids easily, as this can weigh your cycle clothing down and also make you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Suitable Cycle Clothing  All Year Round

No matter what time of year it is, you always need to have those all year round items of cycle clothing that you can pull on anytime to go out for a ride. If you are a keen cyclist who likes to go out any time of day or in any weather, then getting yourself some form of reflective clothing is a great idea. You can wear it all year round and it doesn’t matter if you’re out in the day or night, you can always wear it and always know you’re going to be easily seen. Waterproof clothing is another good tool to have at hand, as if you know you want to go out on a ride but the forecast isn’t looking good, you can just pop your waterproof top into your bag and if you need it just slip it on over your other cycle clothing.