Winter Riding with Cycle Lights

The use of cycle lights allows an adventure anytime of the day, all year round. Not only does mountain biking offer you great health and emotional benefits but its fantastic fun with routes available from your doorstep to the Peak and Lake Districts. Although ‘mountain biking’ as the term reads, does not appear to be as safe as walking or running, have you ever considered that this sport is off-road and offers improved cardiovascular benefits without the impact on your knee joints?. Why not embrace those chilly winter mornings by challenging yourself on volatile terrain which is great for body conditioning, balance and strength. Although you may be put off with your bike, cycle lights and kit getting muddy, the fun, adrenaline and excitement makes it all worth it!

Preparing your Bike for the Winter

One of the key things to consider when preparing your bike is ensuring you have adequate cycle lights for those dark mornings and evenings. Ensure you equip yourself with quality lights for those winter bike rides. There are many available models on the market at affordable prices so there’s no excuse! One key function of your bike to test before and after you ride is the brakes. Mud, grit and stones can affect your brakes significantly over a short amount of time so be sure to maintain these diligently and carry a spare pair of brake pads. There are many other parts of the bike to prepare over the winter, but here is a top tip for a safer, problem free biking adventure. To prevent pedals being clogged with mud and grit that decreases your grip and balance, choose flat pedals or alternatively apply oil to them after every ride.

Cycle Lights and Winter Clothing

So you’re motivated and now have a fully prepared bike and cycle lights for the winter challenges ahead. What else do you need to consider? A long sleeved base layer is one of the most important parts of your clothing you will need. There are many different types of materials available on the market from treated polyester to merino wool, but it is important to find what’s best for you. It needs to keep you warm, comfortable and allow you to be mobile on the bike. Your hands and feet will get cold in any sport, but ensuring you have a quality pair of hand gloves and thick waterproof socks and shoes will do the trick. Enjoy your winter mountain biking adventures with quality cycle lights.