If you are limited on space for storage of bikes then consider getting a space saver cycle shelter.

This particular style of shelter is tall and narrow.  It can house many bicycles or a motorcycle and some accessories, and protect them from the weather and yet not take up a lot of room in your yard.  If you have limited room, and don’t want to get into the expense and bother of building a permanent shed, then a shelter like this one would work for you.

These are easy to put up, and are extra tough to take the weather.  They may be the perfect storage spot for your bicycles, and/or garden supplies too.

You can get sheds that would house bicycles, but they usually require a base or a pad to be poured and hours of putting together pieces and are a more permanent solution.  These temporary cycle shelters are the perfect alternative to that scenario, and they look good.

A shelter also works well in a rental situation where you can’t be installing sheds and the property does not have a garage or outdoor storage of any kind.  These taller shelters are an ideal space saver and a place to put all the bicycles and toys and garden supplies.

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Portable Strong Shelter for Toys

You can use these for whatever you want to store, but they make great cycle storage and with the height, it makes it easier to get bikes in and out of this shelter.

This is the perfect way to keep the weather off of your motorcycles or bikes and a place to work on them too.  Even if you have a garage on your property, you may not want the motorcycles or the bikes or any outside sports equipment cluttering up your garage or workshop.  By quickly putting up one of these, you can clean out that garage or workshop and gain the space you may want or need for your own hobbies, such as woodworking or working on your car.

This is a great alternative to an outdoor shed, which tends to have low ceilings and can take up a fair bit of room.

You can get these at some home improvement stores, auto part suppliers and online at such sites as Amazon.  There are many shapes and sizes of them, and motorcycle shelters that will work for you, by shopping online you are going to find a larger variety of these products, and something that will suit your needs without driving all over town.

So, if you want your bicycles and motorcycle to have their own home then consider getting a  shelter just for them and store them in there to keep the weather off of them and to keep your garage clear.

Speed-Way MTS-GRY Grey Standard/Small Sport Shelter
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(price as of Aug 29, 2016)
this is a good one for motorcycles.