More women cycle now than ever, and most of them know that the equipment they use is fundamental to the enjoyment they get out of the sport. Jerseys, shorts, and women's cycling shoes play an important role in making cycling enjoyable. Some newcomers to cycling may try to get away with wearing ordinary sports shoes when riding their bikes, but this is a mistake. The truth is that there are specific cycling shoes for cycling enthusiasts. Hopefully this list of tips will point you in the right direction

  • You can choose between a clipless shoe system or a set of shoes with clips. Most people who are serious about cycling choose the ones without the clips.
  • Look for shoes that are going to work well with your pedals, or you can buy pedals that will work well with your shoes.
  • A pair of new shoes that are well ventilated and use breathable material for the uppers will be kinder to your feet. Also, when water gets into your shoes the water will drain out easily.
  • Are your toes comfortable in the shoe? For maximum comfort, your toes should have around an inch of space between them and the front of the shoe.
  • Your shoes should provide enough support so that your heel doesn't rub while you're riding - they shouldn't be over restrictive though.
  • Examine the sole of the shoe's very carefully. If you choose a sole that is Kevlar or carbon-fiber you will pay more but they will last longer. Also keep in mind that the design of the sole may put your foot into different positions when doing cranks.
  • Your cleats will almost certainly need adjusting after your first ride in your new shoes, this shouldn't take long. The shoes are going to settle onto your feet and therefore you have to check them so that they are adjusted properly.
A great pair of cycling shoes will prove to be a good investment for many years to come. They will be comfortable to wear, and are an essential piece of cycling equipment for almost every serious cyclist. Using the women's cycling shoes tips above, you should be able to find the right shoes for you and know that you have made the right decision. Everything else you buy to go cycling is bought with comfort in mind. Why not buy yourself some nice cycling shoes to give your feet comfortable and let them enjoy the ride too?