Among all the possible types of vehicle a person may use to travel, a bicycle has got to be the most convenient and the cheapest. Unlike normal cars, bikes don't run on gasoline and therefore don't emit toxic gas which also causes pollution. Bikers can easily spot a car or a pedestrian because they have fewer blind spots unlike drivers of a normal car. Lastly, bikes and their spare parts are cheaper than cars, as well as their maintenance.

There are also disadvantages in handling bicycles. Bikers may have fewer blind spots but they are also more exposed to danger unlike car drivers because bicycles are open. The biker is also vulnerable to falls because bicycles need to be balanced in order to move smoothly. Collision, especially car-bicycle accidents, may put the biker, and everyone else involved, in danger because vehicles are bigger, heavier, and can move faster than a bicycle.

Car-bicycle accidents happen due to a lot of factors. The car driver may be responsible for it sometimes, but cyclists also commit errors that pose danger to them.

  • Not following traffic rules and signals: Traffic rules apply to all vehicles. Some cyclists often ignore traffic rules and signals, like the stop light, and doing so may ultimately lead to an accident. Even if bikes are compact enough to squeeze through a traffic jam by taking the sidewalk, they are still subject under the law.

  • Failure to do machine maintenance: Bikes are easier to maintain, so it's quite bewildering as to why cyclists won't do it before taking off. Checking the pedal, derailleur gears, sprockets, chains, brake, and tires probably won't take too long. Lights are also essential especially when driving at night.

  • Over-speeding: It's nice to drive at a maximum speed, but only on wide streets that have fewer obstructions. On the road where there are a lot of vehicles and roadside hazards, it will be better to keep the speed at a minimum.

  • Lack of safety gear: Helmets and knee and elbow pads help cyclists prevent injury in case of an accident. Safety gears are advisable to people who use bicycles to work for a living. Casual cyclists may also wear them just to be on the safe side.

  • Driving close to vehicles: Getting squashed between vehicles or getting slammed by an opening door occurs because of the cyclist's eagerness to squeeze through the traffic. Bikers should remember to keep a safe distance away from the car.